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Yeah what is the. What is the point of doing this or it means i think. I don't think there's a point. I'm going to take off comes razor. I think it's just dumb. It's just a stupid technology that they hadn't thought out they haven't tested it well enough. The pharma is so so out of their mind with the just judy with greed. I mean the sackler family just just heard the other day no problem. You're never going to go to jail. Even though you're responsible for this huge influx of opioids. there's no downside for them at all and they're breaking news clips i've clips about that data -tuation yeah know i'm gonna lead you right into it Before we had some covert stuff aggressive. Do that can i just finish. Finish the theory. Yeah you okay so please right so this was done on purpose. It's not is not a horrible flu is not. It's it's bad flu but it's not cova as we know it. And everything kicked into gear. I think there was a conspiracy and it was mainly because trump was going to win the election. They had to stop them at all. Costs they already had four years. A delay for the great reset bullcrap. They need to do a lot of stuff. Take a lot of stuff down. So we're going to launch this. We're going to make sure the entire medical community which we have under control does not treat anybody we roll out faulty bullcrap testing which is not even intended for that So then we get to do all of our voting shenanigans and make sure that we can have what whatever whatever happened there. There's a lot wrong with with the vote. Tally to many people voted. That's obvious and you know trump strewed him by speaking right to the greed of big pharma and they thought you know what this was not meant for a couple years screw it. We'll we'll take the money now. We'll do it now and now things are starting to backfire by simple as that. In the meantime the there is the the agenda continues to roll on but the vaccines were never even Well it's not backfiring in the sense that that is caught up to anybody yet it is. I think they can get i. Think they'll they'll weasel their way out of this because as you just pointed out defile she. Emails early being discussed on fox Nobody watches fox anymore. Yeah well i mean backfiring. As no one's gonna i think the vaccine hesitancy is spiking to an all time. High people are following. Anybody gets vaccine paying any attention at all. They get the vaccine. I mean i can in in one month by july fourth. I think it'll be completely blown over but paying any attention at the are paying attention. I can see people going to get the shot in for whatever reason now. I still think there was a wild card in here. Why did all of the suddenly start to happen. Part of it was the article although so what but the other part was. Don't look at bill gates. And i'm bill gates am now in my heart feel. This man is truly evil. The root of a lot of our problems to go back to common core. That's that's where this critical race theory. Bullcrap started started slipping anti-trump stuff into school books. All common core. He was a part of that. Mo fo is even the emails for fau cheesy and then all of a sudden boom. He's gone he may not even be alive anymore for all we know. No one's heard from him. No one questions at no one's curious to something happened. And i think that you know looking at your klis. Maybe some of your whitney web bests or whitney web witney web of your whitney web clips and i found some some information which ties a lot more of this in and i have to say if silicon valley it's a epstein it's it's a whole bunch of characters and something is going down but let's keep it a covert and let's hear what you have well first of all my whitney web clips are kind of going in the opposite direction of what you're talking about Okay i think. I put it in the newsletter. I believe that this all started. The thing became a start becoming unraveled when they went after the kids. And when the when people were told if you had had the diseases you get the vaccine. I think the doctors are. Finally i agree with you on that. The your antibodies needed shot. I totally agree that that that made doctors go hold on a second. I think they've gone nuts. An effect all and and all of that coming out of the woodwork. And here's a guy. I had two clips one of his little lengthy. But it's worth listening to this clips. Been going around is in the show because they sent it to you. Think we've played him Yeah i think we played and we may play clips from this thing but it's coming. It came to the fore with an edited version. Which i didn't clip was showed his points being may one by one but his points are all well done. Put their concise. Listen that concise. Because i couldn't keep it under two minutes but this is the former fighter guy right. This is the pfizer executive. Who's a very famous and he. He spent the first five or ten minutes bragging about himself. I've seen the video. Yes he does and he has. This plays intro. Which is which is one forty five and debt. That's only the beginning of him bragging about herself when he starts. Bright amount associate does he. Does he makes these comments. Which i didn't want clip but i will say i know what he's talking about because i know engineers. I know people in the world are like this that kind of see things before they happen. They just visualize see from small pieces of evidence they can extrapolate accurately and this is one of those guys. But let's listen. He's also worth a lot of money because he started a company after he visor. Pfizer made out. But let's listen to this. Is this guy. Hedin one his. Hi my name is dr might even. I'm i qualified life. Science research really. I'll have a first degree in biochemistry. And toxicology and have a research based in respect trie pharmacology. And now i worked for thirty two years mostly in big pharmaceutical companies and ten years in the technology sector. So my last job. In big farmer i was the vice president and chief sante solve allergy and respiratory research left visor in in two thousand eleven and then after that found it drew and sold a biotech company called zarco to navarre that was twenty seventeen before that and afterwards an independent advisor to over thirty startup technology companies. So you would expect from that that i am pro. New medicines of all kinds of goals always were to address. Unmet medical needs to do so with acceptable safety given the the medical context. And i'm in favor of all modes of new medical treatments whether they're biologicals. Vaccines small molecules creams sprays or whatever but i'm fervently against unsafe medicines or used in an inappropriate context. And so some of the things. I'm going to say are not favorable to the current crop of team based Vaccines and it's for that reason that they're being inappropriately used and i don't think they have a sufficient safety profile to be used as a wide spectrum public.

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