Government, Ten Thousand Dollars, Trillion Dollars discussed on The Jason Stapleton Program - 658: 'Fiscal Conservatives' Show Their True Colors with 4.1 Trillion Dollar Budget.


Because the american people don't and that's all he cares about when it comes to getting reelected but let me explain it to you guys twenty trillion dollars in debt a hundred and fifty two two hundred trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities at stuff that we promise to pay for but we haven't yet had to start paying for hundreds of trillions of dollars the government continues every year to spend a trillion dollars half a trillion dollars more than it brings in do you think that that's never going to have an effect moore couple of weeks ago before i left i talk to you about budgets and i said the government will try and convince you that the the same rules of economics and budgets don't apply to them that apply to everybody else that the rules are somehow different and i said don't believe them if it doesn't work for your own household a dozen worked for government think about this for minute let's just say you continued two spaniards he made one hundred thousand dollars a year and you ended up spending a hundred and ten thousand dollars a year every year ten thousand dollars more than you brought in it's actually be closer like it to be accurate it'd be closer to like one hundred fifty thousand dollars a year so you make a hundred you spend two hundred and fifty and he's like i would put on a credit card we can finance that as she is i mean that she's an extra three hundred bucks a month and then the next year you do the same thing in the year after that you do the same thing before you know you got four hundred five hundred six hundred seven hundred thousand dollars.

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