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So often living in Los Angeles Fresno sounds good. Finally in this episode. We'll keep so many of us up at night. The elephant in the room politics talk about blue Monday. Since the two thousand sixteen election in California literally a blue state Allah Joni Mitchell's blue. There's been a move to spirituality to older earth magic's Hattricks two things wiccan. I happened to be at a New Year's gathering hosted by Janet Fitch Author of White Oleander an Oprah Book Club. Pick Janet the tradition of Reading Tarot cards at the first of the year. In this case she did a reading for the entire USA. For Twenty twenty okay. So let's all think about what's in store for the expertly. Janet shuttles and cuts picard turns over the devil. Really aww her spiraling copying the Davos. The country is chained to its material real way of existing. It's it's it's addicted to its material reality and this is the problem the central problem. Okay crossing us as temperance. The card of the Cross is usually a a stumbling block. But in this case I think it's like a somewhat of a barrier to this addiction. Not A it's not a reverse course it is a blending of the left and the right is pouring or she is pouring water from one cup to another. It's a balance crowning us. which is it's like an ideal would be the night of cops thanks? The the nights are servants. There they serve the greater clause. You know it's a face card. It's it could be a person who is is bringing a cup is emotion it's about holder holding emotion and holding it study on horseback. Not An easy thing to do so the best that can be achieved is somebody who would come with a with an emotional balance. Once you know somebody who's not gonNA scream in y'all in and throw things from putting.

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