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Oi, weather hot and hazy today with the high in the mid nineties. Same forecast for us for tomorrow. Right now. 89 degrees at DEA. The Grizzly Creek fire near Glenwood Springs has now burned 28,000 acres. Much of today's work on the fire is going to be protecting structures there. Bear ranch. The fire is now 4% contained just north of Grand Junction. The Pine Gulch fire grew significantly overnight that fire now burning 125,000 acres, added Lammer County, the Cameron Peak fire has grown to 15,700 acres. With all the wildfire smoke in the state. It's not surprising that the air quality health advisories are again in effect today. And tonight, the White House is saying the Postal Service crisis is a fiction created by do nothing Democrats, Where is Nancy Pelosi? She and her Democrat colleagues will be back in Washington soon to pursue their latest manufactured crisis. The Postal Service. White House spokeswoman Kayleigh Mcenany yesterday The postmaster general said he will implement changes to the Postal Service after the November election. Colorado Congressman Ken Buck tells KOMO news radio that that destroys that are given being made by Democrats. They're alleging that the president is trying to Influenced the election. And it's just not true. This these reforms wouldn't have any impact on the election because they wouldn't go into effect until after the election. Both Democrats and Republicans are proposing to give billions of dollars in stimulus money to the Postal Service. Denver schools will be opening with remote learning next Monday. But will every student have the technology needed to learn online Superintendent Susana Cordova says they think so. But she says there is a bit of a hitch challenge that we are encountering is a nationwide shortage on devices on DH, So we are Very much prioritizing our students, most in need to give the available technology that we have. The district has ordered 10,000 computers, but delivery has been slowed by the shortage. Portland police are calling last night's demonstrations a riot after protesters set fire inside a county government building. The writer's broke windows of the building and use lighter fluid to start the fire. Apple is the first company to be worth $2. Trillion thie stocks skyrocketing after the tech company split shares 4 to 1 last month. Now Industrials up 88 points right now as something 500 gaining nine and the NASDAQ up 37. Our next news updates at 12 30 I'm Susan Witkin on K O a news radio, a 50 A M and 90. For one of them. It's your chance to.

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