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She said, you're welcome Portland. So good for her. Feel like like I know that Dame plays the disrespect card, and he is an awesome player and the shots that he hit and game one. I mean, I was sitting in the airport getting ready to fly out here. Watching the game on watch ESPN on my phone with my headphones and just sitting in the airport half the airport is delayed because whether yesterday in Chicago, which messed everything up and he takes that shot. And I just my head staff back that I just like exclaimed, which I never do. I was so impressed with that shot. It was like a Ralph Lawler exclamation only. Am I it was just like? Q? No, like, they might have send people over to make sure I was okay. Because I was so impressed with that shot like Dame is awesome. But like he's on my MVP ballot. Brian interesting that you said that, but he's not on yours. He was on my second T-ball MBA. He so generally my first team all MBA less. There's some unusual circumstances is my ballot. Joel Embiid was on my ballot. Mhm Steph curry was on my ballot. He's fifth on my ballot. As he was on my first team, all MBA. And I don't think that saying that Damian Lillard is the third best guard in the NBA is an insult. I think that's an appropriate place to put them not at all. I do. I mean, the absolutely not. And he's that's where he is on my MBA team is well, I do think though that MVP Allenby or two different things. I think that we don't have. I mean, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna do my entire speech for you. But the effect that we don't have all where. Yes. But no. But we don't have any way of saying. This is the best player in the NBA. We still haven't fixed that and even all MBA isn't really a way to say. Here's the best fifteen players in the NBA because they're still make us do it by positions, which is something that needs to be reformed as well. So all MBA is at least closer to. Okay. Who are the best players in the league? Whereas MVP is supposed to be a little bit more about value. And as much as I love, you know, we talked about our ballots and Steph curry this year is not I'm he's on your MVP valid on. He is not on mine. I think Steph curry is like Newquay. Question one of the top players in the league. And he is on my first team Mamba, Damian Lillard is not but his value is diminished on a team with other players who were so exceptional. If he misses games. They don't play quite the same with Steph. We've looked at all those comps they still win games. Right. If Damian Lillard off that team, they don't win, and especially when York went down and CJ was in playing for that long stretch that it is a very compelling point. And especially since when I had to make the my mind up on the third team all NBA guards, which was a super duper duper important vote. I went with Bradley Beal, and Russell Westbrook because the ask of them on a nightly basis is so big versus like because I really wanted to put clay on there. But comparing what clay does every night to compare what Russia's says every night, not comparable. So that's that can save your point is well taken and but again, putting Kevin Dame six in my mind versus v. It's not. It's not meant to be an insult. But at the end of the day. This is a great opportunity for Portland. They're playing a team. That is weakened Paul George is weakened. We'll say he looked weakened in game one. Okay. I am curious to see what happens..

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