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The president who comes to us to tell us what it is like to be at this forum now and what he's learned he just let a panel -education President, Mr President of very good, even to thank you very much. What is it? That you see in the Rumsfeld forum that is exciting and thrilling and learning for everyone to listen to good evening to you. Thank you. Thank you very much for having me on your show. I think the, the main reason why I'm here. I've been also lost in Baku. Is that IC the fellows and other participants in these annual meetings as the Vang God of future leaders in business in Cady Mia in various professions? Who are going to be a key force in modernizing the whole coverage. And in their own way. I all from Kuala them to my friends Mandel described the say in a way that the vanguard of creating a central Asian, come cover Sion of inked in professional network. And once you do once should never underestimate the value of this type of network, professional networks. That's in the making and I said loot, the organizers of this quite exciting event because. Y'all doing great service to the development of interest. Cut to Daito. Am not president of a nation. Joel. I just wanted to ask you a little bit about the university to new university, and it's, it's responding to the needs of the people of central Asia. So maybe you could tell us a little bit about what, you know, the population needs in terms of education, and what your university is doing to, to meet those needs. I think central Asia of people. Need to be given any opportunity in every opportunity to start to reasserting themselves. If central Asia can play a very constructive road in showcasing the peaceful nature of its people, the high sophistication than Eucation its culture, as it's, you know, potentially comic prowess, it will make a very positive contribution globally. And that's what I think why education in central Asia important, but it's going to be important that education. Increasingly is going to be transported across Boorda and not just limited to individual countries education systems and many ways. I mean, we talked in this conference about regional coordination issues possible future integration issues, although, right, live of buddies, treading carefully on it. But it has to start with a lot of trust building and of measures that will bring the people together some proposed that it might be good to create cross-border to regional business association Campbell calmest, time fully agree, maybe should start with the women's business associations ability of, of educational certificates and diploma would be not a way to, to, to foster things. And then you obviously have all these technical. At like, you know showing where the full costing hydro type of data. The central Asian countries, including of ghanistan, Mongolian so share common river basins, and it's going to be very important. Also for the future to, to make the best use of them, but education is the root of all of president, my daughter spent a wonderful year in there. I bear in peninsula, when she was in college. Learned a deal of Spanish and travelled widely in Europe. You know where I'm going making your university available for American students to visit Astana, and spend a semester or half a semester with your students is that something that is possible. Are you doing it now? What does it look like? How are you? How are you, connecting with American universities? Thank you very much. It's something that we actively working on our connection is already multi layered. I. A very interesting approach to building this university, and that is we work extensively with strategic partners, but by school. So, for instance, when we started in terms of yes partners. School of science technology started out with Carnegie Mellon. That is, it's our it's one case. I have to admit it did not really pan out, and that is because we want to make partnership. They wanted to live with commercial partnership. But, you know, these things happen, how humanity social sciences school and to into a strategic partnership, Louis concent- medicine and still continues, a graduate school of education because we are meant to spearhead education reform. Hydrocare pot. Is partnering and still partnering with the invest of Pennsylvania. You pens graduate education. Our public policy is working more with Singapore's initiating diversity the school that without business loop. Graduates fitness of nicer by universities teaming up with the Fuca school of Duke. Now, the next is to make sure that they helped us in the recruitment of our faculty, and so on. But we are certainly not bench campuses because we needed to develop own identity from day one. But we learned a lot from them, and the next stage, two things while is we want to increasingly more joint research with VM to be researching and to student exchange failed is very important right now we tend to send our students pop until we want next. Please help us. We want international students American students to spend the semester with us and mingled with talented, young citizen in Kazakhstan. We already have some schools now for the last three years, where we also have students from result of industry starting to come, but I think we need to scale it up much more and we want them really to spend curiously semester food year. You're really at the forefront of shaping the future of this region with your great university. What are your hopes for the future of the region? Where do you see and quickly president one minute. Go ahead. As I mentioned. Because the central Asian region overall can play very, very constructive role in this unsettled global environment. It needs to rediscover itself needs to gain confidence. And as part of it, it also needs to show that it can contribute, and education research innovation, all of these things. Call capabilities that will come to the Floyd with thank she go shake. Yo cuts to the president of Nazerbayev university. It's located in the capital of Kazakhstan to the north of us here just to the north of across the border in Astana the capital. I'm with changes its name to notice the city, Nursultan city. Thank you. I'm keeping up no longer Nursultan. That's done. That means kept city. Anyway, look, Vong by saying, Costanza kept Nursultan city, that's. The scholar dot com. Made it possible for us to be here. Thanks to the Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld foundation and the central Asia caucuses institute. I'm John bachelor. You're listening to John bachelor. K. G. O eight ten. Balance.

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