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Six ninety. Border wall before a conference of sheriffs and police chiefs today, the president told them there's a national crisis at the border with Mexico. He argued a wall would stop illegal immigration human trafficking, illicit drugs and violent crime, Florida governor run to Santa's is taking action on the eve of the one year anniversary of the parkland high school shooting in announced today, a petition has been filed to form a grand jury to investigate the shooting that left seventeen people dead to Santa said, the purpose of the grand jury will be to identify and hold those accountable for the shooting and suggest measures to prevent future. Tragedies. Deborah Hickson wife of slain stoneman Douglas athletic director, Chris Hickson, thank the Santa's were acting to make the community safer. I'd like to thank the governor for stepping up and hearing our cries of urgency and the lack of the sense of urgency in our area a man already facing charges for planning a terrorist attack is now adding an indictment for threatening to kill President Trump and his family Cleveland resident Dimitrius pits is charged with attempting to provide material to Al Qaeda, Wisconsin teen, Jamie clause and her family are issuing a statement thanking the community for their support the thirteen year old was kidnapped after her parents were shot and killed and then held against her will for three months. Jake Paterson has been charged with the crimes Kloss escaped after eighty eight days of being held captive FEMA. Administrator Brock long is resigning reports. Say long's departure was discussed at the White House on Wednesday morning since taking over the agency in June two thousand seventeen long has had to deal with the federal government's response to some high level. Disastrous House Democrats say they will soon investigate the agency's response to hurricane Maria has impact on Puerto Rico, Tom Roberts NBC. Newsradio. The Dow Jones industrial averages. Posting a second straight day of gains. The Dow advanced one hundred and seventeen points to close at twenty five five forty three. You're listening to the latest from NBC News Radio.

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