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Of just you know what i would consider regular people most of them artists in the at the end of the day after they find out what you do they just kinda just judge you for who you are eventually if you spend enough time with them and are you a good person or not in. After the alert goes away they at the end of the day is just a human being. Nothing special really. I mean we're all just will have a skeleton the end of the day. We're all people raw people i you know. I don't really buy into that. Whole putting people. On pedestals. I mean people are people I don't not to say if i ran into bill murray. I wouldn't be over the moon. Yeah for sure for sure but people are people. Everybody poops in its. That's the way i look at it. I think it's a good way to look at it not to be overwhelmed with that kind of thing. It's like who are you a good person. that's what's more important. I try to be a good person. You a good person. Phil can tell you a good person. I can just tell by direction that you're you're an amazing individual missing very nice and i think that's what's really important not what people do but who who. A person is is much more important. It might happen. I don't know if this comic his name is gabriel. Iglesias fluffy fluffy is very popular. Yes of my favorite comics end. I don't know why buds ever since a couple of years ago in twenty sixteen i got to watch one hour comedy special where he just to death. One hour did stand up comedy straight from his head practice. Nothing i just fell in love this content so it makes you love. Avocado mix may be close friends family urges. Who's my favorite comedy. Oh i really like bill burr very much. The he's another guy from boston. Same as me yet. I really enjoy his comedy. It's it's what i know. I'm i come from the same place that he comes from. So i really related his comedy. Whether the i also enjoyed the extra pell very much lately. I've really enjoyed him. 'cause he's saying things that are the no one dares to say onstage I think it's very bold of him in braves in its in its he setting a great example on what the sky reminding us would stand up. Comedy should be. He's very important for the culture for the arch. Stand up comedy. i still enjoy. I also have enjoyed louis. Ck who's somebody who's been it has been okay to show public approval for him because some things he's done in his personal life but as an artist and a comedian. I've always thought he was One of the best out there not us taking east takes a lot of risks. He's very original every like Drawn some jar a lot of inspiration from watching his specials which used to be on netflix. All of them out of they are anymore. I think they've taken down. Which i think is unfortunate because of as works of art. I think they're very good. What are some of the memorable moments. You've had She's the most memorable would be times that i've interacted with some great actors and producers got to work with tina fey. Who it's just really amazing. She she was basically in charge of on the production of unbreakable kimmy schmidt. She was the executive producer. She also ran the set as well directed. When i was there..

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