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At twenty three month old baby in england just write them off there's no no hope is in a quasi vegetative state i don't even know what a quasi or semi vegetative state is what does that mean that the baby only response to to sense to sensory contact or speaking or what have you sometimes and what does that even mean i don't even know what that means i guess we're all just done we parents shelley dallas texas the great wba go hey yes thanks for having me i think the way we handle this is boycott britain living on our money honestly no fence what the hell do we buy from britain i don't think i buy anything from britain no i money mar the what i'm not going there either no all right but shelly do you really think we can organize a taurus ban britain andy really think that's what we should be doing when in fact the vast majority of people in britain have nothing to do with this i think we could think we say go you set up the organization you tell us what to do get a hold of my producer we'll see if we wanna follow you okay okay thank you she won't people like to get stuff off their chest i understand it john sacramento california retired sheriff there how are you sir mark god bless ya thank you i'm christiane all you do for us just brought back a lot of memories i fac in the mid late seventies i was at junior high and then high school i lived in east sacramento and the fact that this east area rapist had we had no idea i you know until today about the golden state killer correlation but the the effect he had on this community was absolutely unbelievable if if we didn't have a neighbor that was raped by the east area rapist we knew somebody at our school or church that had that and if brings back a lot of memories i went on the military open police department and retired out of sex sheriff's department and it if we were in shock and just almost disbelief that they finally finally caught this guy after all those years it's a good thing isn't it sometimes they never find these these mass killers.

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