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Browns, the chief's Washington And the Chargers. Marty Schottenheimer was 77 David W. G. M Sport now the forecast from the permits he'll Weather centre's partly cloudy flurries and light to moderate snow south of I 80 Moving eastward this morning in the northwest Indiana northwest Indiana will see some lake effect snows well today. Hi, You're 14. Mostly cloudy with snow possible toward morning overnight tonight a low down to five and then tomorrow cloudy a 30% chance of snow, especially along and south of I 88 There's a chance for some lake effect. Snow in Lake front communities as well High near 19. Right now it's zero at O'Hare with mostly sunny skies the windshield minus 20. North Wind at 16 MPH. Four at Midway. It's eight along the lakefront in Racine this morning. It's minus two your money on WGN. The stock markets open for business this morning with the Dow already down 100 points at 31,285. S and P is down about eight points at 39 08. The NASDAQ is up three points at 13,990. Most global stocks are mixed This morning. We saw losses in Europe and gains in Asia overnight. Also this morning. The three out of every 10 small businesses is the USA today likely won't survive 2021 without additional government assistance because of the pandemic of support from the Federal Reserve Bank. Shows 30 million small businesses in the U. S have that means about nine million of them are at risk of closing because of this survey, The outlook is even worse for minority on businesses. Eight in 10 say their company is in poor financial condition. Raising the federal minimum wage from 7 25 an hour in annual increments to $15 per hour, as president Joe Biden wants to do would cost 1.4 million jobs over the next four years. Body with lift 900,000 people out of poverty, according to a report released yesterday by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. And I'm Steve with Anna Jahn. Chicago's very own 7. 20, WGN. Me me, Me, Me, me, me, but also you the Pharaoh fast forwards his favorite porn film it but the powdered doughnut. Mm. Okay. What's my line Three Only line I see here on the script is get options based on your budget with the name your price tool from progressive man. That's a tongue twister, huh? I'm sorry. I'm gonna need a few more minutes. Boo this well risk the bulbous,.

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