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On the clock good luck costs and it's coming next we head over to the Harley exterior sports desk and top story around here the snow coming back to Seattle hawks have signed Marshawn Lynch for the rest of the season so that's one game on Sunday and then however for we get in the post season which started as starter Seattle from twenty ten to twenty fifteen and helped us go to two Superbowl Seahawks need gap after losing Chris Carson and CJ prose I see injuries we've also signed running back Robert Turbin meantime the zags are number one in the men's college basketball poll Bulldogs moved up a spot from second to first after previous number one Kansas last loss last week the Villanova Ohio state is second followed by Duke Louisville hand the Jayhawks Packers are in a C. north division champions for the first time since twenty sixteen Green Bay scored twenty unanswered points on route two twenty three to ten win over the Vikings last night on Monday Night Football and tomorrow you dub men's basketball team playing for the championship in the diamond head classic in Hawaii they beat Hawaii last night seventy two to sixty one they get Houston next in the championship game is tomorrow Christmas day pregame starts at five tip off at five thirty right here on the home of the Huskies komo news ever noticed the starlight lounge presents progressive box of what a great dog makes dim the lights for this next one too much there it is gonna get things just right like progressive name your price tool tell us what you want to pay and we hope you find coverage options.

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