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Listen guy man got his name. This other should leave as good. Gotten me they don't know nobody. Brown bruce brown will these names getting more and more miscellaneous as you go there. You got bruce even busy all you about twenty points a game and grabbed his career. I'm sorry he averaged about twenty one minutes a game plane because these arrests he's got he ariza's about eleven points a game so we're going to follow my james. I go back to the stink. Thank you barbie. If you don't mind. Like i said later on today. Could you put a pitcher because we are going to follow my james since they all loved jump on. Cnn very disappointed in my nephew sky he was never brooklyn. Nets ain't never cared. But he wants to follow players. Some people like the root for the players right. They to wherever kevin goes. That's the team that. I have a directive on this show princess cox and lease god have to follow the career of my james Gabor hit attorney said that they were shooting and saying. Let me see your hands at the same time. The family lawyer also criticized local authorities for sharing only twenty seconds of the video and only from a single body camera. They're trying to hide something. Attorney benjamin crump has said browse death prompted days of protests and calls for the public release of bodycam footage. Civil rights leaders the can survive warrants should not be should not lead to a fatal shooting the county sheriff. Tommy wouldn't second said the That multiple deputies did fire shots. Seven deputies are on leave pending pro by the state bureau of the gatien's earlier a monday. A search warrant was released and that indicted indicted. Investigators has re recorded. Brown's selling small amounts of cocaine and fitted means To an informant crow argued that authorities were trying to release negative information about brown while shielding themselves and by holding back the video. The warrant also saw that wouldn't office and signed by judge to allow a search warrant of brown elizabeth home city home. It also said that investigate in a nearby their county was told by the informant that the person had been purchasing crack cocaine and other drugs from brown for over a year. The informant described purchasing at the house that was targeted for the search in march. According to warrant narcotics officer used informant to conduct control purchases of met means and cocaine from brown on two separate occasions whole bobby. God bless you you black folks keep moving to the south you want you go on down near the north carolina. So it's not just happening in the south showed on. Hold on hold on gone down there and run your your run your black asses down the north carolina south carolina georgia. Where in georgia now. They have suppressed the volt where the good old boys'll is why we cologne senator. We could go as two point. Seven million black folks to atlanta was half a fit. You won't percent at yard on moved to the south and and our beloved. John cochran is mad that all black folks atlanta the good old boys that down there especially in elizabeth city north carolina. That's the good old boys town then not putting up with none of this nonsense. They the police almost a nazism state in this country. Kill black man again. I don't care if this man was selling methamphetamines. We'd all a bootleg version of the vaccine. Snl way is no right to take his life. We saw the video dummies. Had your just ran up in that pickup truck with the squad team out. They didn't show up over twenty seconds yet they got the media and everybody else got a sue the county for this video because they're covering up this whole murder And that's what it was. He was he was executed. he was murdered. I don't care what he was doing. He didn't deserve to die. He was in his own driveway. He couldn't back up. He couldn't do anything they've they parked vehicle right behind his vehicle back out anyway. He couldn't back out. And you're out guns. Blazing hands was only honest. There will in elizabeth city north carolina. Going back folks. Keep moving to the south and it doesn't even matter if you move to the south. You shouldn't be shot dead. By the nazism police force that rules this country but yet here we go again and they are so arrogant elizabeth city. Black folks move out. Elizabeth city north carolina blues. If you can the racism is so embedded in this police force down in elizabeth city. They're so arrogant. That dave we've cues barbie to release the by camera buddy counties adage if they did nothing wrong if they follow their warrants out pro protocol one. Release the footage. Why release twenty seconds has clearly something wrong and then of our beloved ben crump had been crept on a case. Your black man shot in america. Ben crump coming coming. Let's support blink. Been crow keeping your keeping bid working working. I can't even go bit candy. Checkers facebook page county. He wants to ben cookies. Big are superman and bobby. Cologne him in a few of us. Our prestigious african american lawyers. Yeah we have. African american lawyers went to the county clerk the courthouse and they refused to talk to these people. They refuse to talk to ben cropp in all the lawyers day set because they didn't they weren't from north carolina from a different state that they have to be from the state of south carolina when that was not. That's not even the law. Not even the law. They just wanna make up things to try to say this now. Just releasing wanna see the full video. Boy we watching gunsmoke. Rena we back and birmingham days because the only thing that was missing yesterday or the last two days in elizabeth city north carolina was the the german shepherd and the water holes that we saw tom tom again. Growing up and birmingham alabama When they sprayed black folks and dogs were biting. That's the only thing that was missing the of.

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