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Will absolutely. We'll be back with Dave meltzer tonight on wrestling observer radio for subscribers over wrestling observer DOT COM. It is Monday which means that his Monday night. Raw Take Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City tonight road to Wrestlemainia the roads wrestlemainia which is leased Insp- last Thursday been paved and sold stock tickets. Stock closed forty eight on Friday on Thursday and close to sixty two thirty one and then George Barrios and Michelle Wilson got fired as it stands today in his. I speak with you to begin this show. Forty six fifty seven down another two dollars and thirty cents today bad times for for the wwe stock wwe's the news. Today they're going to be all weekly the into Thursday really and depending on what happens there and we'll see in our in our little bubble here if you have C.. Two forty seven in John Jones Dominic Reyes can get some steam going into Saturday night or wwe it all the Shakeout shakeout from that press conference the investors call that they have on Thursday. See that's GonNa end up leading everything into the weekend. The news from this past weekend is filled with lots lots of announcements for Wrestlemainia and beyond not wrestlemainia proper but all the events that go around Wrestlemainia. There's been some good stuff announced lake. Tatum Joey Giannella during the Super Bowl last night dropped big one. We'll talk about that game. Changer wrestling the people's champion. We'll talk about them. Rab- Abrasions from the no sale w dragon gate of got together. When we get back from? Break me being the charming and calming presence that I am talk to producer Tom to help those depression super bowl yesterday Mike semper fi be wrestling verve alive..

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