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No that's a bad mother fucker seek out you knew japan you seek out for maximum relief relief fixture that the velveteen dream put up himself hanging out at at the download fest on instagram anything to pull them out and pull them off here we go this is shocking to me and exte guess how many matches on the card right now that are announced shocking so i don't know if that you mean that good way or bad way i'm gonna say seven five five okay i mean there's i'm gonna pull money in the bank after this there's probably a fucking bakers doesn't oh no they're absolutely is yeah but also remember this is the first one that's going to be four hours from the jump there already you know but i mean it's like it's you know again quality or quantity what he what do you prefer then that being said new japan show was what five six hours you know the main event was an hour and fifteen minutes or something yeah but i mean but then it's the two hundred casserole or you're going to have a green here i mean for god's sakes the meat was falling off the bone new japan ian meet maximum release maximum meet okay we got for the women's belts shane obeys lawyer is defending against nikki cross that should be super sweet yup you got ricochet taken on the velveteen dream patrick clark are you ready for a street fight with tomasz oh ciampa and johnny gargano was hello this is interesting we've we certainly together a have not seen this guy in a minute lars sullivan is challenging for the championship against alastair black that's the guy that we saw like ended a match with biff yeah right the star is that was the annex t downtown yep and you and you know it had to be early on the card because sibley was still that yeah that one that was i don't know what i don't know what you wanted it was recliner chairs recliner chairs peanut m's i mean the lore i don't know and then the tag belts only larkin again mr beef beef biff buzek and danny burch.

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