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The benefits of social media with the problems that seem to manifest in our kids. But a local school system says the balance is out of whack and it's filing a lawsuit. The prince George's county public school system is suing the parent companies of social media juggernauts, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and SnapChat, arguing that the platforms target children in design themselves to be purposefully addictive. In a statement, the school system says those companies rake in profits while schools and parents deal with the fallout. The federal lawsuit filed in Maryland doesn't ask for a specific dollar amount, but does want compensatory damages for the money the school system has spent offering mental health treatment as well as punitive damages. John Doe and WTO P news. And then a statement this morning meta says it has developed more than 30 different tools to support teens and their families on their platforms. The other three companies have not yet responded to a request for comment on the matter. Once labeled a national disgrace due to the issue of pollution, the Potomac river is seen big improvements in conditions, according to a brand new report. Thanks to declines in industrial and agricultural pollution and the comeback of fish and wildlife, the Potomac river earned a bee from the Potomac conservancy. Hedrick blunt, president of the group, says the appearance of bottlenose dolphins is a great sign. Those dolphins are coming into the Potomac to raise their young in the shallow tidal water. So again, another great indicator that reducing the pollution improves the habitat. Still a concern, the loss of tree cover in the region and the combination of urban runoff and climate change. Kate Brian, WTO news. You've probably seen the guy on TV with those colorful suits covered in question marks. That's Matthew lesko. He's written a lot of books on how to get free money from the government, but the guy who usually has all the answers was apparently totally in the dark about what his neighbors and Adams Morgan had in mind. I just felt love. I mean, I've never felt love like that. Matthew lesko had a grocery bag on each arm when he came back to his condo building in Adams Morgan and saw 50 neighbors were waiting in the lobby to surprise him for his 80th birthday. He and his wife moved back to the city after raising their kids in the suburbs. The biggest issue was my wardrobe. Let's go search his outfits now include question marks and hearts. The older I get I see your heart is more important than your brain. You used to think it was information and that's my question marks. But that's the move where you can't really do anything. Well, unless your heart is in it, be a law it can stain double

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