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Masters touring while rarely taking breaks as told by musicians like Eric Clapton Bano and Joe bottom Masa American horror story colts will be available along with this this home a refugee story which follows four Syrian families trying to find their way in America. Look for those and more on Hulu, and that's new to view streaming edition on iheartradio. The drunk. Every weekday afternoon. One thousand. The Christine Ford initially refrained from revealing the alleged information of horrendous sexual assault due to privacy concerns for self in her family. She kept this quiet for thirty five years in seemly sought out mental assistance over the years, which I do not mean to diminish whatsoever. Since about twenty to thirty percent of Americans at some point seek out some Sacchi psychiatric or psychological help. But for thirty five years, she's suppressed these feelings. In fact, she relates to the Washington Post she suffers from post traumatic stress syndrome, anxiety and depression on the events that up in thirty five years ago, but she decided to come forward now because of the advice of Washington attorney Debra Katz who has a long history of dismissing sexual assault allegations made against liberal politicians like Bill Clinton because she attacked Paula Corbin Jones. And also Deborah Katz is a long history of donating to left wing causes like move on dot org. And demonize is Trump advisors as miscreants worse than the deplorables. So this is the cabal that's arisen against Brad Kavanagh. Now, do I think it happened? Absolutely. Not. But so I think she may think by this point it happened. Absolutely. She made her own mine wanting to become a famous wanna be like an Anita hill wanna be wants to go out there and make millions of dollars to a hero to the left. If this was an incident of such seriousness. She should've told someone wanted happened or shortly thereafter, that's her duty to speak up to have the courage to say, this is what happened to me. But by wedding thirty five years. How does break Kavanagh have due process? How does she have due process after thirty five years or so she cannot pin down the year the month the day the place she has the number of men involved or boys involved at the wrong number? She said it was four then she said it was too now it's back to four then it's back to to. She said Mark George came. And saved me we come on on the floor bread Kavanagh on top of me struggling to put his hands under my clothing. Mark judge says he asked today. So what are you talking about that never happened? She's making it up and representing her as a Clinton Easter defender. How's it possible that Ted Kennedy in nineteen sixty nine can indirectly kill Mary? Jo Kopechne e and go on to become the line of the Senate. He killed the woman. How's it possible? The Bill Clinton can have four provable legitimate accusers of rape or sexual molestation four of them. And Bill Clinton is sought out all over the Democratic Party as a big time fundraiser, how is that? The current chair of the DNC Keith Ellison beats up women one photographs another one video provable. Here are the pictures yet. The Democrats Minnesota select him to be there next attorney general, and this guy is the co chair of the Democratic National Committee today not thirty five years ago. But today Bill Clinton did these things to Kathleen Willey and nineteen ninety three. To Juanita Broderick in nineteen eighty two though Paula Corbin Jones in nineteen seventy nine nine thousand nine hundred eighty and the Democratic Party, and the media simply ignored it he raped Juanita broaddrick. Bill Clinton is a rapist. He's molester of women in the Oval Office. Forget about the consensual stuff with Monica Lewinsky, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about Kathleen Whibley willy being sexually molested in. And around the Oval Office. I'm talking about running a broaddrick being raped. I'm talking about Paula Corbin Corbin Jones being sexually molested. I've talking about two women that Keith Ellison beat up in the past twelve months, and he's the co chair of the damn Democratic National Committee today these allegations go back thirty five years. It is a classic smear by the left at the eleventh and a half hour to stop what's going on. I watched Senator John Kennedy on the air this morning before this story broke. With Chris Wallace. And he thought John Kennedy. I love that guy from Louisiana. This is wonderful. But at two o'clock everything changed because Christine Ford came forward under the advice of a Clinton Easter left-wing radical named Deborah Katz. An attorney and said these are the things that happened. But the one witness to the event said it did not happen. So how in the world can we give these allegations credence when the only objective independent witnesses said it did not happen. And watching CNN afterwards. It was barely mentioned at all. But by Ana Cabrera and others. They didn't mention the fact that Marc judge that's his name. Mark judge said that event did not happen. Isn't that someone important when the only eyewitness says it didn't happen when the so called victim gives different stories as far as the number of attackers. And where it took place how it took place when it took place. I don't know she said, but she did say she's having some mental difficulties as a result of this in God bless her forever mental difficulties, but I'm not gonna based supreme court confirmation upon someone suffering from anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder. Which she says has been with are now for thirty five years. Even though she's a professor at Stanford. What? When you get your reaction. We have called some Virginia Washington, Texas in Tennessee. And I want to offer my profound. Concerned about the good citizens of North Carolina. One look at the drudge report tonight watch the news coverage. It's awful. What's happening? Do you? Now, it's going to happen. The next three or four days coming up in about an hour. So I'm gonna put a call into Randy slack. Who's a radio talk show hostess stranded right now in Wilmington North Carolina, as I speak in spend there, he hasn't left his job to stay there. We're going to update tonight from him later on. We have Ken Starr whose written the definitive work on the Clinton scandals. Also later on as the author of boy crisis. What's wrong, Howard, boys and men being treated in American society? That.

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