Joe Biden, White House, Congress discussed on VB in the Middle


Frustrated with the transition block at the White House, President elect Joe Biden warns more lives may be lost unless the Trump administration cooperates in a coronavirus strategy. And unless Congress acts to provide another financial relief package right now, he warns of a dark winter ahead right now Congress should come together. Pastor Kovar relief package like the Heroes Act, the incoming Biden administration set to fill key White House positions later today, and as the pandemic drags on, long lines are beginning to form coast to coast cars lining up for hours and miles of food banks. Long lines also being seen it at least two local Coben 19 testing sites issues in Framingham yesterday at one point had police officers telling people come back later. College hockey's Beanpot tournament will not be played this coming February, the pandemic to blame there. I'm Drew Mohammed. WR KO as your chance to win $1000 text the nationwide keyword cash 202 100, You'll get a confirmation, text and info standard. That and message rates apply in this nationwide contest. That's cash 202 100. Okay. Thank you. Kiss could be investing. One more be the worst. Now they stop. Some never rest or I went back, and we have hit the ground running on this Tuesday edition of the Vinnie Penn Project here on W. R. K o Before we get to Judge Jeannine Pirro Love to hear from more of you out there. Number being 617 to.

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