Debbie, Stephanie, Vince discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard - Episode 46: WWECW


I moment also say the mindset of the old ac though was to always think progressively not to live off the but to thrive in the future and that's what this will be this will not be on the style just show were not going to pretend it's nineteen ninety nine when i going to try to turn back the clock because you can't do that are going to try to be the most progressively forward thinking cutting edge company with the most compelling riveting characters in the most up today and transcending story lines first of all that sounds like a copy taste of a global force wrestling statement secondly doesn't disorder go against the entire point of a nostalgia act at this point easy debbie's being brought back for the purposes and if you're going to come out and say well no this is not in style to show then it's really not easy dovey affairs way yes and also easy w was always us against them bright the seizure apart of them it's over what do you have to fight for independence you because you're no longer the the little andy band that could now you now you're touring with the stones so stop at you're not anti establishment you are part of the establishment you're you're you're opening for nickelback stephanie is uh back to him here in his interview of many ham stephanie is the point person in charge of for all writing for corporate wwe so of course she's going to be involved in some capacity but i cannot see here and say that stephanie in i have butted heads on this go round stephanie has an obligation to vince and her obligation is to answer to his charge is charge right now and this is very serious and he means it is the dc w cannot fail and it won't they're going to make sure they offer all support they can they're people in the company who don't want this yet they're going to stick the chin up in the air and do what's best for business because that's what vince wants and if you don't do it vince once you're gone take away from this statement that hammond feels like stephanie hate this idea was she one of the early oppose urged to the idea of an easy w brand.

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