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They are right now in the state of Florida. He's using NASA's. Could. You GotTa? Jack knows just it's a nasal steroid. Just ripped knows right now. Here's Special Jay. Wow, seven years -gratulations, joke is. I can't believe it's been seven years since I was flipping through the radio and ran up. On you guys are looking for a show to because. Were the show that was on. Before you. Guys came on I can stand it. Wasn't something I like to listen to. I'm happy hour on. May Not have caught on your. A I'm not. Obviously you listen to it because I want to be here. Screw UC lane and then guide dispatching. Finish. But. I caught you the first week. Our on and I've been. And I appreciate you. And all the news and Everything bring. Recap thank you. Special J. are seven favourite and won worst thing about the seven years that we've just passed on this show it a little bit, so do not miss it. Couple more real quick here is dirty. Cuban bars are closing down as of immediately. Snap Oh snap says dirty Cuban. Thank you. I'm just worried about getting according to the liquor store and I won't do in order to actually. Why do you say to? Because I did not announce radio as soon as that breaking news came through that I ordered although. Dairy it was like during the next break has. Solely. Cow! Might as well. You've got to be careful of David. Run all this stuff. Here's infinite options so I'll prefer to go to winn-dixie just because. I could probably say a little bit more at my rewards there, and you can get a lot of different things like two for ones or ten for ten. That's good deals with. We've got a public or Walmart. You pretty much or just looking for a serious stuff imposes a little bit overpriced, but I prefer winn-dixie honestly. Thank you. infinite options was now I will say something about public and I. Maybe do not cross with an when Dixie or other very rich places. BOGO Bogo all day at Publix and they have clearance either I all or section that a whole while some places. If it's big enough, let I've gotten I mean for breeze tampons for like months work because it's slash prices, so if you have public's Bogo clearance and you might be. Here's the thing I was trying to think of when I was flashing back to my childhood, and I said we were a win Dixie family public family. What was what I guess still is? What's the winn-dixie Generic Brand Zanga remember? 'cause it's like even worse than the public's generic brand and they have to now green wise green lies is kind of good, realizes the like the organic more expensive stuff that one's not bad at public like that, but the winn-dixie one was always real bootleg s e grocers now now like they are dead sodas and stuff all the knockoff sodas. Now I think I will know it when I hear it, but. They revamped in twenty-seven. That's true. It could totally changed it, and maybe they don't have any anymore. I just remember all the the knockoff sodas and the knockoff cereals at label. Maybe who knows I don't but Check Cola is that. Is that when Dixie brand check colon? Check Colour. was that a brand that it was a yeah, it was it was just a Oh. My Gosh I already know what their new names going to be I. Don't know why this wasn't brought up before because the. Were last name when last name love it, uh-huh winning love when love. Easily do together unless love and being a huge. You're screwed completely done for maybe when just wants to put it on his shoulders. Yeah, just the wind market or God only knows if you've known this stuff for so long, and that it all changes right in front of you. I'll check soda. I remember that was the only soda we can have at the house other than my mom's diet. Coke was always keep your hands off. The she'll, she'll hit you get nearer diet. Coke I went to Camp Without Mountain dew Dr Pepper See. That's what I always wanted I liked. Mountain dew Dr. pepper like all those things. The only thing my dad would get first of all I drank more ice tea than any other human being on planet earth and his. Father Yeah. He was to my dad. Would just jug stays on the dinner table? Yo Yeah, he always had a big jug of it in there, and that he would get like those things you put out in the sun that spin around, and like brewed the tea, or whatever, and that's rich stuff. Oh, like five bucks, the thing, a little plastic concoction and he would get only one kind of soda. And go drake, that it's just like mountain, dew and I want to curse in his face so bad I still do to this day dead or not. He would get mellow yellow Oh. Mellow yellow is not bad. Mellow yellow is garbage now. It's like sprite mixed with mountain dew, and it's like what the hell is this kimmy one or the other FRESCA now that I can deal with squirt squirt. I can deal with. Weird Mellow. Yellow God get it out of my refrigerator. I'm sorry. Where were we? Here's team man with a dispatch. Cats update Maksimir doing great. Maxwell was found in. One of those poisoned rat traps meal was my tree. They Post. Both been fixed Max hanging out on his tower today me is hanging out in the window. Just give me a heads up, okay. Update, thank you for rescuing them. It's very sweet Let's go over to one more Arkansas redneck use some of which you took my man in the parking lot I will find you and I will get it back. Good job. Good Luck, Sir! Gay Magnets Rolls on that. What is this game? A magnets you here? If you're new to the show, if you see a news junkie magnet, and they're like these rounded corner. Squared off magnets, and that sounds strange square magnet with rounded corners, and it says the news junkie is a logo. The game of magnets came about on its own in a viral way, and nobody owns them you just you have them. Some people hide them, but if you put it on your car, it's play and somebody might just snag it from you. Sometimes people replace it with another one or whatever it gets creative, but just know that's happening when you get one of these magnets from the show and we'll get to more your dispatches in. In just a moment when we come back, the next step is always with Sabrina. What's coming up on the next episode? Awesome, sad news in the hip hop, world or those to shake their asks the song back in high school or maybe even Middle School NBC Thirty Rock, and it's nothing to do with black face Mama Mia, also I have some news on it because we didn't need it, but well. It's something other than Covid nineteen all right? It's coming up in just a moment, so stay right there. The News Junkie on real radio..

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