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Talking about the Reds and their off season. Certainly, rumors abound. And, you know, I really truth be told, Haven't seen a whole lot of people hitting the panic button on some of these rumors. I think the one that had people the most concerned. Would be the possibility of maybe trading Sonny Gray. I see that as being very unlikely. The other one. That's out there is the possible trade of somebody like a you Hani Oh, Suarez. And You make that move and you're starting to see this pop up more and more. If that's a move that gets made, I think you probably see move stock has moved back to third. And then maybe have the money to go. Maybe maybe you have the money, then to go sign a big name free agent. Short. I mean, Let me let me rephrase this. Perhaps a. D d Gregorius and Andrelton Simmons, Marcus Simeon. Maybe those are the guys that are the free agent short stops ahead. That class. Indeed, Record d D Gregorius is certainly a big name on the former red. Um, he would be very intriguing Simian would be intriguing as well. I do think if they you know, had a choice that, um Garcia needs a little more time in the minor leagues. Hey, was I don't want to say they rushed in the situation was as it is in 2000 and 20. But he was overmatched at the plate and overmatched badly, so we need to refine it there. He needs to get have a better idea plate, not chase balls out of this. I mean, they already throw him strikes. Hey, was striking out so I still think his future is bright, but you need a buffer. You need to stop gap. Until he's ready. You gotta find somebody. Kyle Farmer would probably be that guy as it stands right now, unless you find a way to fill that hole. Let's go to the phones. Erin in Dayton. What's up, Aaron? Hey, how we doing tonight, Guy? Great. So I had a question. I was wondering what you guys like. I think Castano's and show go on locked in. Are we still assuming Nixon's L is like 100% ago for for opening day? Yeah, well, thanks for the phone call I I think so. Yeah. I mean, there's no reason to believe that he wouldn't be the guys long as he's. He's healthy. He will be the starting center field. And I think that your primary outfield, those three guys Okay over weaker any thoughts on the Kathy situation? Well, uh, yeah, thanks for the question. I think you'll appreciate it. I think you'll see that as a platoon. Maybe not a straight platoon. But I think for the most part, you'll see Tucker and they're on a regular basis. It could also come down to pitchers who works best with what pictures? It might be that kind of a situation, But I would I would think it would What may be a 60 40 split their catcher, You know, that's going to be interesting to see it was. It was a platoon situation with Sally and Barnhardt. You've got the lefty righty bad. You still have that lefty righty back with Stevenson being you're right handed bat, but I think Chaka will get primarily most of the duties. I mean, you don't want, you know. Stevenson not to get playing time at all. If there's a D H. Stevenson would be a guy they could be in the designated hitters role, especially if you have a Kyle farmer who's an emergency catcher as well. Um But I think Tucker will get primary most of the time, at least to start right. You mentioned Winker in the outfield. It's a crowded outfield. There's no question about that. Jesse Winker will still play Ah lot. I think if you were to pick a primary outfield Um I still think it's the three I mentioned. I think it's it's show going left since Ellen Center cost Janos and right but they're Winker will play he will get in and how that will all play out. I don't know how David Pill's gonna manage that. Well, if show go is performing like he did at the end of last year, where he was in on base percentage machine. They need a leadoff hitter. That's you know, that's still one of the question. Must we talk about shortstop and who's going to get the playing time in the outfield? Who's gonna lead off is another large question. And that might work to his favorite. And he was the bat that the red for missing all of last season. I mean, at the end, he was the guy that could could Slap a ball down the line. I mean, he was Lakers going, man. He's that August he had last year was off the charts. His numbers took.

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