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Southbound but northbound near the fairfax county Parkway may have one stopped in the roadway there so please use caution I'm rob stallworth WTO traffic All right rob let's go back to storm team for Steve prince of valley Steve We talked about a lot of the snow has moved out of our area next comes wind and the temperatures are going to drop as well Yeah they've already come down to Shayna already into the 20s So behind this Arctic front temperatures have absolutely tanked And as a result that led to the quick accumulation of snow we saw earlier this morning So temperatures I think this afternoon hold in the 20s they'll gradually ease back a few more degrees tonight as the skies clear and that core of the cold air mass settles over the area So Keynes tonight in suburbs lower 20s in Washington but feeling like between about zero and ten above brutal outside no fun And the winds will still be up to tonight I think 15 to 30 miles an hour or so but they will gradually decrease overnight tonight But when advisories to 1 a.m. on Sunday so that threat of gusty winds and more isolated outages trees and power lines coming down will be a threat throughout the afternoon Tomorrow much better weather a lighter wind sunshine milder temperatures I like all the above And we're back into the upper 30s to near 40 Temperatures on Monday even better with highs making it likely into the mid to high 50s with a partly cloudy sky Tuesday's partly cloudy warmer still mid 60s So a lot of the snow will be gone by the time we had the Tuesday certainly with those kind of numbers But nonetheless heavy snow 6.3 inches in Kimball Virginia and acts as a 5 inches in waterville and some of our northern western suburbs but generally one to four inches in D.C. in the close in suburbs higher amounts greater amounts three to 8 inches the farther north and west you live Numbers right now it is 23 in person though but winds gusting to 41 belts filled 28 winds of gusset today to 43 So that's the primary hazard for the remainder of the day the blowing snow and the gust you in shaina.

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