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So from the high that we saw last week, which was actually sit on the 8th of July, we've come off about 9 and a half percent from there. The daily trend is on an uptrend. It is by no means a good uptrend. It is by no means a confident uptrend, but the daily has a higher low and a higher high. What I'd like to see from here is we can tap that 20,000 again or not even get there. I'd like to see us move higher and take out last week's high just to give that change a little bit more oomph and a little bit more poise to give us some hope that we move higher. But for the time being, it's not hope that I'm working with. It is trends and we don't have too many really good trends out there on the lower time frames. I did a scan for FTX on YouTube earlier today and there you go and have a look at that and try to cover YouTube page. If you like it, give it a like, that would be great. And yeah, there wasn't a great deal in there that was capturing my attention. Certainly some momentum to the downside, but not with not with the sort of simplicity that I'm really sort of looking for. So there you have it. Not much happening right now. And I hope you will wear you as I said, Bitcoin to 20,478 down 1.75%. Ethereum last week, well, last week it also closed up 8.8%. So a little bit more than Bitcoin, but again, we have not really seen a great deal of movement above $1000 for quite some time. We're currently down 1.62% at $1148 50, and it looks a little bit tied. XRP is at 32 cents down 1.39% today. Yesterday down 5.5%. And in fact, closing only 1.3% up on a week where many of the top ten did close a lot stronger. So XRP still looking very, very weak. Dots down 1% today at 6.78. It's lost a lot of momentum. I mean, it's really shaping up from my money to be moving lower and setting new lows within this move. We do have support roughly around $6 50. If we can break down through that, we might just start to see the legs fall off of dot and see further lows, but as I said, down 1% right now. Doge is down 2% today. After being off last week, 3%. Last week, doge was also only just after .14 of a percent. I didn't mention dot, which was also on the up .12. So both got and doge, not performing very well last week at all. Don't do that 6.5 cents. On a bonnet, it's up 7% last week down 1.3% today. And yesterday also down 3.5%. It is in the daily uptrend. Looking fairly similar to Bitcoin. It's a $231 and 30 9 cents as I speak to you in this moment. Cardano, next unless it's 45 cents down 2% today.

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