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I am doing okay. And Grammy winning composer, producer arranger and guitarist Nile Rodgers who will be forming tomorrow Nile. It's been a minute but nice to talk to you again. Same here. How are you? I'm doing great. So Robert Unity fest is going to be this massive, multi city live event. And I'm thinking really thinking about the name a lot. What was unity? Something you wanted to emphasize when you were planning and thinking about this celebration of Juneteenth Oh, what I wanted to do was you know it's a day that we all remember our past. It was a day by, um, recognize in the past. In the history of America and the end of slavery and where we all went. I knew that this would be a day that we could all come together, unite. Celebrate learn about the past. And unite on how we're all striving to make the world a better place and make this country a better place and Through the story of June teams. And where did the slaves go after? And here we are today and where we're going That's the focus on how you get to unity. As we all know, That's why we're all here talking and celebrating as it's a national federal holiday just signed yesterday, so I'm excited about it. And I'm excited to have everybody that's participating in this wonderful event. Now why did you want to be a part of unity fest? Well, First of all, I love Robert H. You know, he calls I'm there. But but, uh the interesting thing is that in my family Because I grew up around my great great grandmother. Uh And she told me stories of emancipation Day as she called it because they were slaves in Georgia, who were then sold to, uh, an Irish doctor who practiced in Philadelphia and New Jersey. So we talked about the Emancipation Day in June, 19 ever since I was a child, so to have it, actually. I mean, I I can't believe her. Robert, that has become a national holiday from the time we just first started discussing this only a few months ago. And now here we are today. And it's incredible. My great grandmother would put up what was her name. Pardon me. What was her name? What was your great grandmother's name? Dallas. Alice, Alice are somewhere looking down. Uh, so entering that that I am Now, let's say what's crazy is, you know Also, I am Robert Randolph from the Randolph Plantation, as we found out some years ago on through ancestry dot com. And Randolph Plantation comes from Virginia. So here we are today celebrating this Wonderful day that we all get to talk about the history and where we're going from here. Robert When you were thinking about the lineup, we have all this great music, but they're going to be other aspects to unity fest. What else can people expect? Oh, perfect. I mean, we have everything. First of all, we got two wonderful holes. And we have so many iconic Actors, actresses, legends from Felisha, shot to miss openly to legendary church passed has passed the bust of stories. Uh and there's so many names so many you know, the Muhammad Ali center. Africa senator Hip Hop Caucus Ebony magazine Hill America. There's so many, uh important people. That's a part of this that for this inauguration inaugural event What we wanted to do was we wanted to sort of form this coalition of Community grassroots organizations. Some that we all know when we're driving past our neighborhoods, our old neighborhoods and you see that there's you know, there's that organization, you know, passing out food or trying to, uh bring, um other aspects of education or criminal justice reform and we wanted to bring all these people together. To celebrate this day, So it's it's You know, we literally have every aspect of stories of the black cowboy stories of, uh, black wealth, Ascension health. Um, uh, not all Rogers could talk to you about what he's been doing with his. We are Family foundation, and it's It's just so much..

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