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Dan Billingsley. Dan is the president of Heat Wave heating, cooling and plumbing and listen. Your air conditioning your heating system. It's important anywhere you live, but nowhere more important than right here in Florida because I gave my car go wrong. I don't care about that. I can have stuff in my life break. I'll get it fixed. You know what? I can't have break my air conditioning system. And that's why I know I need to rely on a company I can trust is going to be reliable is always going to be there when I need them. And that's why we're talking today With Dan about heatwave, Dan tell us why he wave is the best company for us when we're looking to maintain or replace our air conditioning system. Okay, so start I am a third generation doing air conditioning and plumbing. My grandpa did and my dad so I started a heat wave back in 2009. And since then we've done over 3000 installs here and we've done thousands of repairs and service thousands of customers. But what we specialize in is residential air conditioning service and replacement and plumbing services. We know how the houses are built around here. We know the codes. We understand the Florida climate, the heat the humidity on We know what it takes to get the job done right and making sure that you get the best bang for your buck and your house stays cool. Here in this Florida heat in the summer. Yeah, And obviously people can always call you there and heat wave and anything they need to know you guys are gonna be able to answer that question. But you also want to be able to answer some questions on the show today and you've had some emails come in and marry in. Riverview is one of those people and she had a question because, and I was surprised when I read this Dan, she said. That they just have a technician look at their air conditioning unit right? And they said it's time to replace it, But she's only had it for six years. She says. Isn't that too soon? Didn't I don't want to have to replace mine after six years. Isn't that a little too soon to have to replace in a C unit? Even here in Florida? Yeah, that's way, way way too soon. Um Air conditioning systems here should last a lot longer than that long as they're properly installed in the first place. Um, unfortunately, you know, we get called out for second opinions all the time. That's that's one thing that we do is a free second opinion. If you don't like the first opinion you've got so we come out and a lot of times we found people paid good money to have an heir to a C installed.

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