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Make it much easier for many more people. Mayor muriel Bowser says the city's newest protected bike lane runs a mile and a half from you street to Pennsylvania avenue in the national mall. Now, we have a 108 miles of bike lanes and more than 30 miles of protected bike lanes. Capital bike share says, along with the 700 to D.C., Arlington and Alexandria will get a total of a 150 e-bikes, with bright lights and reflective paint. Meghan clarity, WTO news. Legislation blocking D.C.'s updated crime law from taking effect has been signed now by President Biden. The controversial move has angered city leaders as well as the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Congressional Republicans led the effort to block the law, which aimed to eliminate some mandatory sentences, lower penalties for violent offenses such as carjackings and robberies, and expand the requirement for jury trials in most misdemeanor cases. Observers say the president's move is an effort to push back on Republican led messaging that Democrats are soft on crime. Coming up next, in money news. A well-known name in local real estate has died. I'm Jeff claymore. It's ten O 8. Michael and sons peting tune up for only $59. Michael and son. Now, traffic and weather on the 8s, we turn to Rita Kessler in the WTO traffic center. When we do have some issues right now in the district, if you're on the southeast Southwest freeway or north mountain three 95 at the third street tunnel or just in the area of the third street tunnel, the left side of the roadway is blocked with the crash at your single file right getting by. Everybody going into the third street tunnel is fine. It is the lanes that are going past the third street tunnel that are affected by this crash. And this is why you're in delays on northbound three 95 back near The Pentagon still trying to make your way onto the freeway, the westbound side of the freeway is slow before south capital street headed past the scene that looks to be just a rubber necking delay. Inbound canal road near reservoir road had been the scene of a wreck, South Dakota avenue near Franklin street was also a report of a crash. In Virginia eastbound 66 is slow through roslyn, trying ahead across the Roosevelt bridge onto constitution avenue, with nothing reported, you'll also find westbound 50 at rugby road in middle ridge drive, a report of a wreck. Clifton road was under police direction between Henderson road and school street due to an incident involving a dump truck, and northbound on the George Washington Parkway near one 23 after one 23 headed toward the beltway a single lane gets by the work, watch for the work also in the southbound direction, also northbound looks like we're seeing some volume after spout run where there should be a work crew as well. We're still experiencing big delays on westbound 50 near saint Margaret's road in cape saint Clair trying to head to the southern river bridge. This is a 24/7 closure of the right lane by the severn river bridge. They don't expect to complete this until Saturday, so expect these delays through the rest of the

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