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Is not restricted from that. But we still have no idea when she might be released. Absolutely none. Has the shaken the faith of other WNBA players that they can spend the off season playing in Russia for more money? Is this basically the end of that phenomena? Well, it seems clear that nobody's going back to Russia. One, just, you know, the state of the world. But if somehow there were some resolution and there was something like a normal stable government over there without Vladimir Putin in power, would it happen? It's really hard to say because you just can't imagine that. All you know is that for the time being, Russia is completely off limits. But they're also really needs to be a conversation about who people are getting into business with. The NBA had a an owner of a team that was a Russian oligarch and the English Premier League. There are football teams that are owned by oligarchs or oil money from the Middle East. When you go into business with an oligarch or if you're a player who goes to get a paycheck from oligarch, these are not plucky business people who started a lemonade stand and built it into something. No, they're part of a criminal enterprise, and that's who you're getting into business with. So beyond Russia, there is a larger question to be had in the sports world about.

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