DNC, Kansas, Pratt Wiley discussed on South Florida's First News with Jimmy Cefalo


Reporting that thousands of voters are facing big problems in Kansas there in limbo. Their voting privileges have been suspended until they can prove that their citizens now this requirements been in place in Kansas for three years, But Reuters decided to illustrate how unfair it is. So they showcase the plight of 37 year old hotel manager. The guy moves from state to state due to his job. After arriving in Kansas, he went to the Motor vehicle department got a driver's license and register to vote. And then he was shocked when he was not on the voter rolls for the 2014 election. The poor guy didn't know that he had to prove citizenship. Now, according to a Reuters analysis. Three groups are hardest hit by the law young voters because they don't have access to documents needed to provide citizenship. The unaffiliated whatever the hell that is, and Democrats, supposedly the other two hardest hit groups in the Republican controlled state. I guess Republicans know the secret password to get the right documents and they're not sharing it is that it? This law has been challenged in court but has managed to survive. Now. This upsets a guy named Pratt Wiley, who is the director of voter expansion for the DNC, Wylie says. That voting rules like photo ID laws have expanded in Republican states, but the one that gets him most nervous is the citizenship requirement in Kansas, Mr Pratt Why would a citizenship requirement make you Democrats so nervous? What in the world is there to be nervous about about citizenship? More rush today at noon on.

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