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Now our boil the soup on yeah uh but yeah we have five questions today and i think that i may have actually just saint you'll love these questions looking at them now uh three of them three of them okay cool um so yeah we got questions about the ipad pro which i ended up getting yesterday's that's where we can talk about it nerd uh especially about focus got some questions about filming videos annaba audiobooks versus paper books so yeah take us away with the first one my good sir it will i think i think that a more of the taking away will be done by you because the first question is what do you think of the ipad pro for students i think bore the ticking away will be done by ernie that is true ernie does take it away real real good still my favorite seen you oughta you just got this we've idea so i've been getting questions about the ipad pro and specifically the apple pencil and the app had pro and how they go together and how they work for no taking for a long time problem was i had never tried it so my answer was eighty k even like ghana aces lawrence mestre nope had never done at literally yesterday was the first time i ever even touching apple pencil but i laptop battery has been getting really bad and i know it could replace it has that i wanted to experiment with working with an ipad seeing how close he could come to replacing a dustup and i gotta say these are first impressions and i'm going to do a video maybe in about a month where all do a more indepth like later on impressions video but i gotta say this is the first time that i could ever even come close to saying that you may be could replace a laptop with an ipad.

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