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The jobs of the future will be heavily geared toward science technology engineering and math in other words the futures down so if you're a middle school student talk to your school counselor about stem a public service message from America's name your home for Sean Hannity D. W. N. Las Vegas K. K. L. Z. H. D. to Las Vegas Bob Beasley media group station press report corona virus update I'm Allen Francis the distribution of federal funds from the virus stimulus package remains a focus for some members of Congress today when the Kenyan reports house speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced the appointment of a house select committee to oversee the process and to be led by house majority whip Jim Clyburn my understanding is that this committee will be forward looking speaking on CNN's state of the union Clyburn said with a crisis of such magnitude the American people must be assured that the relief money is being spent properly meanwhile speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader McConnell are publicly at odds over a potential fourth coronavirus package Congress is out of town until at least April twentieth and whether or when there would be a vote on such a bill is just guesswork at this point Linda Kenyon Washington's prime minister Boris Johnson is in the hospital this morning ten days after testing positive for covert nineteen and what is office described as a precautionary step I'm only at Francis another key player in the Ukraine phone call that was the focus of president trump's impeachment has been fired by the president or from Bob Costantini he's the I. G. overall I Jeez Michael Horowitz who is the inspector general of the justice department is also head of the I. G. advocate organization in a statement Horowitz praises fired intelligence community inspector general Michael Atkinson for his quote integrity professionalism and commitment to the rule of law an independent oversight I consent is being forced out within thirty days by president trump a move announced late Friday night he's the watchdog who notified Congress that there was a whistle blower complaint about president trump's phone call with Ukraine's leader Atkinson simply said the complaint was credible and left it up to Congress to decide what to.

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