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Friends and family if it's driving your stress up. WG and sports. Here's Kevin Powell backto work for the Bears as they try and figure out their offensive struggles and no word yet on what sort of discipline driven winds will face after the receiver was ejected from yesterday's game after punching a Saints player Bears play the Titans on Sunday. Monday night Football. Tom Brady and the NFC South leading Buccaneers visit the Giants and the Bulls, bringing in Chicago native Maurice Cheeks. He's joining Billy Donovan staff. As an assistant. I'm Kevin Powell. Double G in sports. Now the WG and forecast pleasant conditions across Chicagoland this afternoon with sunshine and breezy conditions. Southwesterly winds will run 15 to 25 MPH. With the time high readings say maxing out in the lower fifties for tonight, mainly clear skies were dropping to the mid thirties and then sunshine here tomorrow all the way through the weekend with daytime high readings tomorrow in the lower sixties, mid sixties here Wednesday and mid upper sixties for Thursday and Friday from the WG and Weather Center, I'm Paul Conrad. Your money on W g. N the Dow is up 402 points. NASDAQ is down 15 points. The S and P 500 is up. 31 points. It's 48 degrees at Midway 50 degrees in DeKalb 48 degrees on Chicago's Lakefront. I'm Lauren Latka on Chicago's very own 7 20 wg and so expect to see more police on Election Day. If you're in the city and maybe some suburbs as well, what else should you expect? The mayor and what.

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