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Check of sports from around the world Here's Dan schwarzman Thanks Brian Manchester United could only play Chelsea to a one on drug Old Trafford to remain in 6th place in the Premier League table as Chelsea moved 6.10 of arsenal for third place Christine Ronaldo scoring for the Red Devils when Marcos Alonso scores for the blues Liverpool and manager Jürgen Klopp have agreed to a two year contract extension that will keep clapping and field until 2026 since coming to Liverpool the 54 year old has led the reds to their first Premier League title in the club's history as well as winning a Champions League carabao cup Super Cup and Club World Cup Barcelona has confirmed that the club will play home games at the Olympic Stadium during the 2023 2024 season while cam knows undergoing extensive renovations which are set to begin this summer The 99,000 seats stadium which is the largest in Europe will have its capacity increased a 105,000 while also adding a retractable roof made of solar panels in the €1.5 billion renovation The NFL Draft getting underway in Las Vegas tonight with the Jacksonville Jaguars on the clock with the first overall pick for the second year in a row Both New York teams have multiple top ten picks with the jet selecting fourth and ten on the giant told pigs 5 and 7 Three game 6s in the NBA playoffs tonight is the Philadelphia 76ers are on the road that Toronto Raptors leading the series three games to two while the New Orleans pelicans are home for the Phoenix Suns down three games to two In the late game the Dallas Mavericks visit the Utah Jazz but Dallas holding the three games to two advantage I'm Dan schwarzman that your Bloomberg world sports update Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day At Bloomberg dot com the Bloomberg business app and at Bloomberg quick take This is a Bloomberg business flash We had a powerful rally in.

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