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So as i do i didn't leave college for set in the five thousand dollars he says well these are the rules you've got to hope the sixers don't draft us or what can i do they the sex is not draft for me he says you way to 82 he told you you what we're up there he said get to 285 your way to 82 now he's run on what the sixers adraf me so we went on a forty eight hour bender two danny's we want to dennis for two days eight is minute parent cake because i could get in my mouth for breakfast for lunch we want to like a a cafeteria buffet at night we went to a big steakhouse we did that 48 hours street so we fly out of philly are you on the scale not wait brio too old out of six is called me every name in the book and i'm travel to laugh laugh at inside i'm like boom did don't draft me but i was trying to be professional and when they call with the fifth pick and address the philadelphia seventy six take charles barkley i thought i was gonna die pau told i was in trouble i was like holy crap are left college percent at five thousand dollars okay so they drought for me they're not gotten a little bit of shape before got back to school a about 295 so now not do this brave what moses web moses is the most important person in my basketball career so i'm not plan much early in my rookie year i'm not in good shape a good enough she'd the play an nba i could get get by three hundred pounds in college because did a you know three years i was in college i led to actually see a rebound with every year but you know uh you're not gonna get to play in the nba right and just to remind people to like this team is off a championship two years ago they had gotten to pick from the clippers and so div and be able to draft you with guys like moses and jane bobby in cheeks and tony like it was a stack team to have somebody like youth that's that's just i think for younger listeners they need to understand that's a bigger reasons why you wouldn't blank do correct.

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