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Legacy. That's a complicated word it is for any. But the idea of one's legacy is an especially tricky conundrum for those who have lived their lives in the kind of spotlight that always shines on the sideline and Columbus. Ohio legacy isn't about win loss records or championship ring or players in the throes urban Meyer's football resumes in Peckham among the greatest of his generations. Even the greatest of all time. College football playoff. First national champion, the Ohio State buck- on foot legacy legacy is about how remembrance. Well, they remember your championships tattoos. Will they talk about beating Michigan or punching a kid at the gator will? Will they sing the praises of building winters bowling green in Utah or restoring tradition at this one in the horseshoe or will they instead mutter under their breath? A lot of how it all ended. A man who has long preach loyalty remaining two loyal to a longtime colleague accused of domestic violence Meyer said he didn't know those accusations others say he had to the culture is one of accountability be accountable stand up and be a man. So it was the calendar pages. Turn will the lasting images of urban Meyer. Beal hugs and trophies and titles or will his internal replay purgatory via throw away visit to the podium during a midsummer media. We have no idea. What years from the mention of urban Meyer's name will make us think. Neither does he he will try to convince us that he doesn't care, but he does all coaches do all people do in the end. All we leave behind is our legacy for better or for worse. And today he did say his legacy is important to him. But to leave for others to decide for his career. His legacy will include a lot of wins. Eight fifty three win percentage. Third on the all-time list. Among those to have coached at least ten seasons. Here's Paul finebaum. With more on Irvine's legacy in today's f-bomb. Urban Meyer said a lot of things today. But the most interesting thing, he said was it's complicated. What's complicating? He's retiring or so we thought in two thousand nine he retired and came back in two days in two thousand and ten he retired and came back in a year. I don't think urban Meyer is retired. I think he's stepping away from Ohio State because things are complicated there, especially the relationship the relationship between the administration. So will we see urban Meyer? Again, I suspect we will. I'm not sure when I'm not sure where that he left that door open. He left that door wide open today. Thank you, Paul. Yeah. It was just a five weeks ago that he said he plans on coaching next year. Now, he says he's pretty certain he's done with coaching. He collected two national titles in three years in Gainesville. A with the Gators in one and his time with the buckeyes. He joined Nick Sabin is the only other head coach to win national titles with multiple schools. We'll discuss the future what the future holds for state with Brian day up next the future for urban Meyer includes a trip to New York City, Saturday eighty drowned ESPN it's Heisman Trophy.

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