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A turnover. Jones. Top of the circle down low shot goodbye, CJ Williams. The door and Jones founded. Led by twelve Minnesota has cut it to eight at thirty seven twenty nine over two minutes. In the second quarter and errors. A little. Ball fans. How about that? Brewers six Colorado nothing much more importantly brewers three games, Colorado. Zip zilch. None nada. Nothing brewers. Sweep through the Rockies. They have taken the National League division series. And they are onto the NFL CS. The brewers the first team to advance to a championship series in this year's major league. Baseball postseason. Welcome into brewers extra innings here on WTMJ. My name's map. Polly. I'll be honest with you. I don't know how long I'm going to be with you. We're going to be here for a while as we talk. All things brewers baseball a city state a region in celebration as the brewers advanced to the National League championship series. Now stick with me here for a second. Listen to autumn about to say because things are a little bit different tonight. Then they are on most nights. If you've got the accurate mortgage, talk and text line already programmed into your phone. You're going to have to do things. A little bit differently. If you do want to call into the program tonight. Now, if you wanna text in your still text into the same accurate mortgage, talk and text line number that is four one four seven nine nine one six twenty again, you can text four one four seven nine nine one six twenty. However, if you wanna call in tonight, we have a special number for this evening four one four seven nine nine nine four nine four again if you wanna call in and talk brewers baseball the phone number is four one four seven nine nine nine four nine four. And that's how you get in contact with us. We're gonna have a lot of folks tonight. Ask for your patience as we get everybody in and we're going to have a lot of fun as we sit here and talk brewers baseball. Here's what we've got coming up over the course of the program. Greg Matic, he is at course field. He is going to be joining us throughout the course of the evening. Both talk all things brewers. We're also going to have a conversation. Nations. We are scheduled to be joined by Wade Miley. Josh ater, Jeremy Jeffress kion Braxton. Brandon Woodruff Travis Shaw. Bob, euchre Joakim Soria. We've got a lot of people, and you know, what right now we're going to head to the chorus field. Visiting clubhouse right now. Greg Matic being joined by the architect of the Milwaukee Brewers, David Stearns. Radiator with? Soured. Marshon yourself. Incredible job every single guy. Challenge. Hip during your staff had already. Remarkable. That's. Remarkable. Up today. Pretty remarkable. It's great to see. Staff. Everybody. Eurocrat threat. If all year. Five. Steve. At celebrated. Long. Not a walkie. Jay walker. Game theory. What goes on in here? Yeah. We're talking about over the next week change a conflict. Standpoint. We'll sit down. We'll talk about. I want to match up. We'll see. On out. Horrigan happened Miller park. Celebrate with a lot of rumors fancier today. Absolutely Arfan travel insists that we now they've got a great job. We're here. Yeah. Thank you for your time. Graduates. World with now. Beijing will never forget. You don't want to get wet. David. I think you Greg. Appreciate it. And we'll be checking back in with Greg throughout the course of for a while as there's a lot of celebration going on right now at Coors field third celebration. Like they said in about ten days first year celebration at Busch stadium, then you went to Wrigley field. Now, you're at chorus field and the brewers are headed to the National League championship series where they will take on either the Atlanta Braves or the Los Angeles Dodgers, it appears that in all likelihood it will be the dodgers that they will face. But that is anything, but a done deal the dodgers lead that series to nothing. They are playing game three as we speak right now in Atlanta. And there is no score in the bottom of the second any four one four seven nine nine nine four nine four four one four seven nine nine nine four nine four is the number to call to get in to talk about.

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