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20 the telephone number 6108 50 09 90 Our buddy Victor Fiorillo was On fire yesterday. I'm going to try to secure him for the show this morning. He got in on some some questions. Where the toilets are The mayor of Philadelphia, by the way, deemed the most restrictive. Lockdown orders in the country this morning. So congratulations, Philadelphia Mayor Kenny has enacted the most restrictive lockdown measures. Nationwide. That has deemed by by Fox News Mere moments ago. I was just monitoring during the break. So Victor got in a couple of shots. You could You just know how much this ticks the toilets are off that these plebs their question him and Victor offering some editorial comment in the question, Mayor You have the security of a taxpayer funded job. And obviously the news that you're announcing here today. Eyes going to severely impact the lives of in the financial situations for countless people in the Philadelphia area. The city has raised a lot of money in the past for covert relief. How much of that is available? And are there any new initiatives underway? And what kind of assistance are you able to offer? Everybody from? The owner of the small restaurant to the bartender who shifts haircuts were eliminated altogether. First of all the the elimination of anyone's job is a extreme difficulty and people's lives. I also think the dying of covert is an extreme result of not doing what we need to do now. See that false choice that straw dog argument that these little despot's Always make Well, it's unfortunate that anyone who would lose their job, but it's worse if you die. As though that's the only choice. Continue working concerning to continue running your business or die. I'll take it to curb back down and flatten it out and get us back to some semblance of normal again. Get the curve. Back down and flatten it out. Did you know that the curve had rise risen? Did you know that? I didn't know that? By the way, Monday's covert 19 cases, cases, cases, cases, cases cases. That's a stupid word. I'm tired of the word. The word the C word. Is now no longer the C word to me. It's a new C word cases too stupid word. Anybody that uses the word is stupid. Anybody that uses the word cases is an unserious person that needs to be dismissed and ignored. Immediately. Cases cases cases means nothing and by the way, 4400 cases yesterday in Pennsylvania, not Philadelphia in the entirety of the Commonwealth, who 4400 cases. What does that even mean cases. Somebody tested positive for it. Could go to CBS right now and test for positive for it and feel fine. Cases. Cases cases cases. Have announced up. We've done some Money for people have lost their lost their jobs were getting their words words never have to speak publicly or talk to people who asked me questions here. We have a constraint budget begin with. We've got about 6% of the cares dollars that the state got with about 12% of the population, so we will be looking to try to get that increased. I think the worst part of it is he's not even smart, like when you listen to him. He's not even an intellectually smart person. I mean, you can't He doesn't have a command of the English language. He doesn't have a command of facts He's just used to running around. Barking orders. And celebrating his little Tin horn liberal victories. He's never questioned. So when he actually gets a question from people like our friend, Victor Furillo, he just sputters and stammered, much like his slope shouldered, mediocre compatriot there in Harrisburg, Tom Wolfe. They don't know how they're not really bright men. They are really by definition mediocre. They don't know how to formulate thoughts and sentences and communicating articulate them. We're hoping that that Congress sooner or later, probably sooner we'll go about providing a L a package. The American people to deal with this issue. We cannot simply as a city handle this ourselves. You know, no one is asking you to handle anything. No one's asking the city to handle anything. People are asking. Be able to handle themselves and their businesses as they see fit. From the Enquirer. Restaurant owners see Phillies new Indoor dining ban is the final blow. Restaurant tours have spent thousands of dollars, retrofitting their dining rooms and building outdoor seating areas to balance the rules governing safety against the need for commerce. But yesterday, city officials announced they would roll back the modest concessions granted over the last several months. An effective Friday they will eliminate indoor dining altogether. Limit outdoor tables. Two parties of four and those four have to live in the same household. Peter Huang. Restaurant owner of South Gate in Philadelphia, said I don't know how we're going to determine who is in the same household. It's beyond our scope. Maybe the threat will make enough people not do it. Oh, I hope Peter Wang has got his affairs in order. The Gestapo would Philadelphia If they read this He's entertaining insurrection. Maybe the threat will make enough people not do it. You know what they're calling this by the way. This new initiative. We're back to this again, just like we were in the spring. It's like the spring didn't even happen. Do you know what they're calling it safer at home? I kid? You not. That's what they're naming this stupid thing safer at home. It's like nothing ever happened. They completely rewound the tape and we're starting back in March. It may as well be March 16th. Instead of her 17th. Seriously. What's the difference between November 17th and March? 17th of this year? As Per these guidelines laid out by the toilets are yesterday. Can you name it? In fact, I would argue it's worse. Now. In March, 17th and we know volumes more than we knew. March 17th. Eight months later. It's more restrictive. It's.

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