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Is the movement of a security price plotted overpaid of time is kind of like a technical analysis it's a mathematical equation is something that's happened in the past to predict the future so what we want to do is we want to show people here at the W. T. M. J. listeners that there are some basic strategies out there we don't have to spend a lot of time behind a computer staring at so why haven't their brokers or other professional advisers already told about that's a really great question because the thing is is if they told you they might be out of a job or they are the planner actually really doesn't know these are some basic strategies so what I've designed a lot I want people to get more involved here in W. T. M. J. is we have a luncheon learn it's a one hour sessions here come in at noon and what you're gonna do is we're gonna teach you something for one hour and we're gonna walk out of this luncheon learn with the free strategy that has been proven over the last forty years so the key is on that strategy Steve is what happens if it's wrong it's about the risk management so you're only going to lose a little bit you can always get back in what's the numbers of people want to find out about the you know the number to call is eight seven seven nine five eight seven seven four two that number again is eight seven seven nine five eight seven seven four two so my shop with a luncheon learn what should they expect what they're gonna get it's gonna be one hour we do a hard stop at one hour and we're gonna walking through this basic strategy you only had to make maybe about three to four moves in the last six to seven years for your retirement account so how would that look if you just sat back and you made one to three moves in your retirement account and the last six years lecture winners run do you think people are afraid to kind of take that next step they look at these numbers they see the market going up and down and they're afraid to take the next step the luncheon learn is really a place where they can learn how to do that right we want to teach people how to mitigate the risk so once again give me a call at eight seven seven nine five eight seven seven four two that number again is eight seven seven nine nine five eight seven seven four two sometimes as much as you.

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