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In this episode dario discusses the implications of increased consumption of compute in the training process dario is focus is a safety ai safety encompasses both the prevention of accidents and the prevention of deliberate malicious ai application today humans are dying in autonomous car crashes have it's rarely this is an accident the reward functions of social networks are being exploited by botnets and fake salacious news this is a malicious application of ai the dangers of a are already affecting our lives on these axes of accident and malice there will be more accidents there will be more militias applications the question is what to do about it what are the general strategies that can be devised to improve ai safety after dario and i talked about the increased consumption of compute by training algorithms whic spore the imf locations of this increase for safety researchers also wanna quickly announce that we're looking for writers for software engineering daily we want to bring in new voices were focused on high quality content about technology that will stand the test of time ai safety is a good example of something that has not been written about much relative to how important it is if you want to write go to software engineering daily dot com slash right to find out more we're looking for parttime and fulltime and volunteer contributors people who just want to write about software engineering and people who want to turn into a fulltime job we want to explain technical concepts and tell the untold stories of the software world which just launched a new design at software engineering daily dot com so if you'd like to work with us go to software engineering daily dot com slash right you can also send me an email directly jeff at software engineering daily dot com i'd love to hear from you let's get on with the show.

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