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23 traffic and weather together a Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. We got some trouble still to deal with Mike Not so much, Ben. Things are looking a lot better here. You know, we can usually gauge the afternoon drive by the expressway. Now, with that in mind, let's check it now, with the double DBC news radio traffic copter. Well, I can tell you the way still have delays here on the expressway, But they're all in the north bound side. Not where you'd expect them heavy and slow from before granted out that goes up for the gas tank. Then it finally lets loose. How about south down? Well, south down has eased out entirely all the way. Down to Braintree. About 10 minutes Overall, I'm Kristen AC in the WBC news radio traffic copter now not bad. 1 28 South bounds wide open coming down through need him and get him and even 93 north bounds all leased out through Canton. We had a problem by room 1 38 a while ago. It's gone and just like that the delays eased out. It's for for a little while to start every 24 south. But nothing unusual there downtown yesterday, Dr is backed up a little bit coming into Lefferts Circle, and it's pretty slow on the Leverett up ramp heading for 93 north, But that's about the worst of it. The lower decks wide open. So is the Tobin Bridge that Sumner Tunnel you get the idea. Mass turnpikes wide open up through Natick and Westboro. On your way up to 4 95 and things were good up northward through 1, 93 and 1 28, which is what 20 minutes from the pike up to 93 miking WBC's traffic on the three time to get a check of the four day WBC AccuWeather forecast meteorologist Brian Thompson is with us. It's gonna feel a lot like January this weekend, which is really convenient cause it's January. Yeah,.

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