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In the case of on Dudas gutty fullness struggle for social justice started long before the coup in two thousand nine. . Yet perhaps now, , more than ever the illegitimate government has become even more brazen and hostile towards the Honduran community of African descent. . So, , what's at stake in Honduras? ? The immediate problem is the kidnapping disappearing in outright murderer of gutty activists and social leaders. . The long term problem is the systematic array. . Of Garifuna Land Culture and very existence in on us. . In addition as is often, , the case racism plays a role in state violence. . So today's show is out to make it clear their black lives do matter in on Dudas. . So whiff on the show today as Gregoria Florida's she is a got food and activist and a CO founder of Gutty community services the. . US base in the Bronx New York. . She joins us today via skype. . Welcome to show Grigoriev Florida's. . Thank you so much for having me here. . Today is my bless her Oscar could be with you in this. . And Lisa great opportunity to me to speak out was really going on in Honduras and especially my community across. . Absolutely. . It's an honor to have you with us, , and there's some immediate things that are happening right now even as we have this conversation in on dudas but before we get to some immediate issues with several gutty phone activists being taken, , shall we say by Honduran government officials? ? Let's begin by explaining to people what is of run For an eighth ow Blackberry Organization in Honduras over Anna's founder because of beggar from the people. . Estar. . Sophomore in. . Cain of that discrimination in the city close to the our community. . So offer they work clothes they work with that all reflect community. . To, , defend and to make sure everybody in the community days <hes> enjoying the human rights. . And Human Rights is certainly the issue at hand here on this conversation because in recent months has been increased violent possibilities by the Honduran government towards the getty fullness. . So I want to the best of your ability if you could. . Tell us about the incident that took place on July eighteenth in full delacruz on duress. . This is also very historic <hes> city or town in under a spaghetti fullness. . Correct. . EAC. . Is One of the forty forty, , seven community in Honduras myself funder for one sisters after became often the display from. . From The people came first from and. . That was a farce espace that people? ? Does the land after. . After that was bringing from San be think. . So the after they came to heal and the answer they open the forty-seven community. . So why does the across the cruise I'm from? ? I'm born there for my my parents might. . Arrays with my. . Sisters and community. . Buried Pacific community and the way will come in the community. . My aunts my father's tell us at home. . Always everybody's coming to Delacour do have to welcome everybody and you have if you have something some food, , they provide A. . And they need rest from the next day, , give the space even the coroner to the person get get rest for the next day to continuing journal. . So that's the way our parents. . Make us a racing community. . So all the time is normal for us to see the Community Fund Anada community that people never for the coming for the city to sell <hes> different kinds of. . Things and. . We have the Pacific living in our community but something happened after the eighty, , nineteen, , thousand, , nine, , hundred, , eighty, , nine, , nineteen. . Ninety nineteen because the. . The estar selling, , our lance west going on with us because when we request. . The. . Legal communication about. . Our land. . That Guerrero Limiting Honduras? ? They do something. . That was nice normal and that was not something they not supposed to do because they increase the land for. . Policy and they put our land like a Gary flipper from. . Inside the limit of land from municipality that of Taylor. . So If that's. . Saline, , our land. . So the organization to develop theories me our community. . So that's a time our. . Situation, , they gained worse on this started the persecution about our leaders in our community. .

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