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Rent's too andries and now to run giants to call him joe had mentioned has blown his second save the series attend the off of second here's hanley he takes a rip and mrs foul tipped it into the glove of sukree for strike one what a comeback for the red sox tonight's going to be a safe situation for kimbrel incredible comeback come back to the opening day they tied it went twelve now they've taken the lead nothing and wanda hanley ramirez alex looks back at second base in the right handed closer comes home and delivers one low and away loan inside rather we the way this one was moving along ever so slowly didn't seem like this would happen did it now it really didn't it looked like this one was predetermined at one point not the case as the red sox pullout six runs here and maybe more of hanley can get a basic they'll send benintendi runs well halley takes another healthy cutted mrs swingset the cutter and it's one and two may lead the league saves last you get forty seven which was six more than anybody else a blue benintendi leads from second base com appears in its sucre for a sign he's got the one he wants stretch and the one to two hanley ramirez not file straight back hanley got just enough have had a single knock in iran against him in the ninth inning rally thursday they're going to have wendell cranach ever really do six seven and eight bottom part of the order each team with eleven hits the red sox are run better eight seven boston bottom of the eighth here comes the one to pitch to hanley ramirez and hanley swings and strikes out leaving benintendi a second vase but red sox bat around and put six up they get a standing ovation craig kimbrel will come out to try to finish it in the ninth and the red sox headed to the ninth inning now a one run lead eight to seven on the shaw's and star.

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