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We are talking here on a soggy Saturday afternoon in New York from the warriors team hotel won't say where exactly that is. I will tell you that we are recording from within the confines of the room of Raymond Ridder warriors PR maven PR czar. I don't know what the best highlands for Raymond. This is them the best PR guy in the NBA because he's gotten the award as best PR guy for like, I think four of the last five years Raymond giving up his room for us to record the full forty eight. I believe that is uncharted territory in the history of this podcast, shutout the Raymond thanks man, Shaun Livingston than I have this discussion here are soggy Saturday afternoon between games against the New York teams. They blew up the Knicks last night at the garden. They've got the nets coming up Sunday. You'll be listening to this probably on Monday in that game will be long. Since over. But Sean, and I talked about a little bit about Friday night's game. Just because it was a weird night and a fun night. Durant drop in twenty five in the fourth to knock out the Knicks amid cheers from Knicks fans who were hoping to get Katie next summer we touch on that a little bit DeMarcus cousins getting ojected on a single tech while in street clothes that was a little strange. We definitely talked about that. And it's interesting the the developing relationship between Shaun Livingston and DeMarcus cousins, something we'd definitely discussed because cousins trying to come back from a really tough injury in the with the achilles Shaun Livingston. Of course, that's the story of his career was coming back from one of the most devastating knee injuries. We've ever seen on an NBA court. And so Shaun gives us a little insight about how he's been advising DeMarcus cousins in this process, and what cousins might bring to this team. Not just the skill set. But just a different element to the warriors. This is the whole thing with them. Now. Right. Every year are they staying engaged. Are they going to get bored is is winning three championships in four years? Just going to kind of lead to. The c word complacency. So we talk about all that we talk about how the warriors are keeping themselves sharp. What lessons did they learn from that series against the rockets going seven back in the spring or are they still carrying a little bit of that forward with them. How do they viewed this new team? That's kind of evolving down south with the Lakers LeBron being down there. Now, the the changes, of course, in the NBA are constant the warriors. We we all view as being kind of at the top with with no rival, but things changing around them quickly. And you know, they're paying attention. They're definitely tuned into the way the league is coming for them. So Sean, I touch on all of that fun. Really fun discussion Shawn's always been one of the most awful guys around the NBA another one of those guys you just look at them. And no, this guy's a future. Coach GM of a team you could easily see that. And when we talk about that as well. Of course, his former teammate Elton brand from the clippers that era of his career Elton brand now GM in Philly. I could see. Sean following that path nut too far down the road. But in the meantime, we're talking about the worst trying to three peat and all the challenges along the way before we get to that my weekly plug, please go to issue if you get a moment review us give us a rating one-star five stars one hundred stars. I don't know how many stars you can do give us as many stars. As if feel like give us some feedback. Always appreciate it. Thank you for listening. Thank you for downloading, and we will be back with Shaun.

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