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68 48. The law offices of Michael Friedman, representing injured victims in the mid Atlantic region for over 35 years. Your explosive Wcbm Weather Channel forecast. It is a fine dose of fall weather just in time for the weekend, but we have to get past today first. The front is stalled, so we're still dealing with some rain into the afternoon. A cool day 58 rain around this evening but will be dry later tonight. The temperature's much colder Over 30 still low forties Tonight. Nice filed weekend, Though Sunny and 62 tomorrow 66 the high Sunday meteorologist Terry Smith from the Weather Channel for talk radio. 6 80 WCBS 56 in Baltimore 54 in Riviera Beach Reporting A 12 06 on Michael Phillip L E 6 80 WCBM News WCBM Studios are sponsored by a safe retirement solution. Visit safe retirement solutions dot com or 10266, 11 20 Rush Limbaugh. Oh, starts now on talk radio 6 80 wcbm. Folks say greetings and great to have you here. As always. We have reached the end of the busy broadcast week Mr Rush Limbaugh program, And that means it's.

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