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High school all those young people you know graduate at program they got a free laptop computer yesterday and got great words of wisdom big shout out of you all know our speaker just tremendous guy Brian Davis he's the general manager and managing partner down at Mercedes Benz of south Atlanta from Chicago very compelling story I've talked about growing up and being rejected but getting through to be the general manager and managing partner for Mercedes Benz hi end dealership and big shout out to Michael Lankford for being the vision there to keep the vision going and all of those who assisted am I a partner in crime brother keen Walker just simply the bad is educated I know I don't know another one who do it quite like he do and so we just grateful for all that and bro mood and everybody who came out to be a party a lot and and Allison and Tracy woods everybody who make that program run nacer in the board you know we just had a great time and you know you never know how the impact the lives of these young women young people get up to speed and a one in particular talk to how on while we were demanding and tough how he was so appreciative of and it is start crying and that's hard to do when you get a fourteen fifty upon is the ground I will cry unto because as you know all all advances lodges that make sure what I do is not in vain you know I fifty three I just don't have time to I don't I just don't want to waste no time would vain repetition and I want my words in my deeds to have an impact and when that young man stood up down as they as they say what he said what kind of things that we've been said about because they said out of sincerity some young Negro just you know we just bought a dude up yes because you all will some from a boat you won't be coastal you Jim host one of fable of some but when they come from a forty fifty it was almost too much for me to have I think yeah I did that just made my week much as well stuck out and everything and so I just enjoy myself but look I have state representative William body he was there yesterday body I don't know how you get around to all these gazillion different events in meetings and you got a big program coming up he's on the board for the leadership academy Bravo to how you doing brother are you door brother ball the how's it going man I still there but I'm doing good to them yeah people get all talking yesterday man that was something that was powerful brother that was power yeah tell us about you got event coming up this week kid you want invite people out to tell us about your back to school drive that's going to be haven't ended with in partnership with the city of east point Housing Authority yes all day to get out first of all I would like to say I appreciate you and Debbie okay thirty a support of our east four houses Dorothy community day we are having a back to school giveaway poured the residents and students in use of the east wow the Tory over at Mateo homes in our home and we we are party raising about her money we have raised by two different sources public and private to give where about probably two three hundred book bad that's going to be stuff with school supplies but we wanted to invite the entire community to calm while to just love all news community I went over there myself in one of my out we scored maze J. we've just to knock on doors you know like we do a politics in Latin let us make man to get out there must the people have and the reception was just amazing you know where young kids just called up lie who who are you as little as a win over there was a certain tall that took off the top west here how much Sir Dave I would this guy walked around one of the new but it was just powerful we just looking forward to it we had the entire east point delegation behind as robs them of now all rock Rosie Kim stole feel robes and David Dreier rubs and I'm not rub them to send the chemo Williams Georgia powers of corporate sponsor weather as well as well star is a corporate sponsor will stars pretty much right down the street right the you support all stuff for the hospital but now Southport ministerial line there are behind us as well so is to so many organizations that are coming together to help with an elected officials including my dear friend commissioner for county commissioner Marvin heir to this well the mayor said of the CD of these points as well as a city councilman here Renee who also brought indeed W. C. P. a lot of press chapter so you got a lot of good people highs they're going just really excited about it well we'll be broadcasting live merry Gil will be broadcasted live on the job out there which all the shake hands and hold on the baby is in yeah you know it makes makes a difference we were just in these point the other day the other day and as good a mall was up there they member they reminded us that that was a very housing project that couple of them grew up the yeah yeah so and I'm I'm happy to say I'll let us make.

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