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Forcing some families in Texas to park in Les buys so that Children can get an education all of that and more after the knees. Hello. I'm Debbie rests with the BBC News. The leak of documents has revealed how British banks helped money laundries and Russians subject to international sanctions. The Secret files show that the bank HSBC allowed fraudsters to move millions of dollars despite being warned it was a scam and ally of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Sanctioned by the U. S and U used Barclays in London to buy fine art Fergus Shell is from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is unprecedented and remarkable leak that tells us as never before what the banks know about suspicious money movements. It connects with virtually every country on the planet, and it connects with some of the worst financial scandals ever in history and some of the worst criminal and terrorist Activity on the planet. HSBC has said it's overhauled its ability to combat financial crimes and barflies. Excuse me, Barclays highlighted it's cooperation with the authorities. Two Republican senators have said the US Senate should hold off choosing a new Supreme Court judge until after the presidential election in November. President Trump has declared his determination to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has urged others and it Republicans to back a delay from Washington. No, MIA reports. Speaking at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Joe Biden said he wanted those Republicans with a conscience to do the right thing. The former vice president paid tribute to justice Ginsburg and said her family had repeated her dying wish to him to not be replaced until a new president is installed. Mr Biden said if he wins in November, he should get the pick, adding, Unlike Mr Trump, he would work with both parties on it. If the Republicans are successful in guessing a quick replacement, it would make the Supreme Court dramatically. More conservative Sudan says a high level delegation has traveled to the United Arab Emirates to negotiate with American officials as the country tries to get moved from the U. S list of countries that sponsor terrorism. Will Ross reports Since the overthrow of President Omar al Bashir last year, America has shown signs that it is willing to strike Sudan from its terror list for the Khartoum government. That's vital because Sudan is in a deep economic crisis on wants to access international finance institutions, but is part of the deal. The U. S has controversially proposed that Sudan pay $330 million in compensation to American victims of terror attacks. This is because of the support Mr Bashir's government offered extremists also on the table is likely to be America's desire for Arab countries to normalize ties with Israel. Every coast main presidential election Challenger has called for a civil disobedience campaign to stop President Alassane Ouattara's bid for a third term in office next month's elections. Well. News from the BBC. This is WN Y C in New York. Good afternoon On my on Levinson. NYPD divers have resumed their search for a five year old boy, You climbed a tree and fell into the Harlem River. The boy was with his family on Randall's Island for his brother's soccer practice when he fell into the water around 2 30 yesterday afternoon. Adults who were at the soccer practice jumped in the water after the blight but could not reach him. Search for the boy was suspended last night but resume this morning. The empty ace is an act of vandalism appears to be the cause of a train derailment this morning and police are investigating the incident. W N. Y. C is lance lucky has more the empty, says Theeighty train hit construction debris as it pulled into the 14th Street Chelsea station at Eighth Avenue just after 8 A.m.. The NYPD says the train derailed after someone through the debris onto the tracks. A 30 year old man was arrested. Fire Department said about 30. People were evacuated from the train and three passengers suffered minor injuries. The empty says its crews will work around the clock in hopes of having full service restored by tomorrow morning, and the latest update extremely limited. A train services restored in both directions in Manhattan, running on the local track, See service remains suspended between 168th Street and Euclid Avenue. New York Attorney General Leticia James's is promising to expedite the release of body camera footage in cases of alleged police monk misconduct that our office investigates. She spoke today in Rochester, which has been in turmoil since the footage of Daniel proves fatal encounter with police was released more than five months after his death. James said her office will be proactively releasing footage to the public on our own. It's unclear how many cases will be affected by the policy since the attorney General's office doesn't review all footage of police interactions with the public. Whether I look for tonight clear skies with a low near 49 nice and sunny conditions for Monday with behind your 66. The sun continues into Tuesday with behind your 72 Sonny on Wednesday with behind your 77 70 rather 63 degrees clear skies at 406. Hello and welcome to news from the BBC World Service. We're coming to you live from London. I'm James Menendez and we're going to start today.

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