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And I took her home. And how old is she she. She just turned thirty four. She just she's so I was thinking one of my friends asked me because I didn't know and I was like I don't know probably I was thinking like twenty. She looked so so young and she's just so she didn't really have a childhood so he gets to in the video that I saw her. She's like in her room and it looks very young young. But that's in that that's that's special. That's because she never had that she's never had so she's thirty four and now she life now. She has a mom and dad right like goosebumps right now because to. I want people to where the video that y'all showed. I put it on my instagram. But does that the video James Video that you showed at the event live somewhere as is it on our website. It's on your website okay. I didn't know what I if I had just posted like a special thing of some video that someone had taken on the age of our website. So Jamie story just encourage all to go. Watch that video because I think It will help you have a better understanding of I. I mean hopefully even after hearing Stephen Talk You have a better understanding that it always starts somewhere. It's not as simple as you know. Oh go get a job But Jamie was sold as a baby by her mother. The day her mother walked down at the hospital with. Yeah sold it to her GRANDPA. It was also the mothers drug dealer. Okay yeah crazy. Then he took her well paid for and then kept her in a basement. Who she he was eleven years old when she broke a window out ran away right and from the time she was eleven until the day I met her? She was on the streets and then she was on the streets because because she had she escaped as a prisoner being held captive by her own grandfather. Who bought her from her mom so that her mom could buy drugs right so like sit on that first second the next time you drive by somebody on the side of the road homeless she literally had no choice right ever in her life and never even though she he is thirty four? We have come to realize that we're dealing with a maturity level. That's not even close to that. In a lot of ways in some ways it is because has a ver experiences. She had to grow up real fast and other part of the part she never got to experience so she's getting to experience them for the first time we just celebrated celebrated her birthday. Was the first birthday cake. This young lady that ever had in her life first birthday party first birthday present Christmas. It's like we're dealing with a twelve year old. Owed you know because this is all brand new to her. We went Christmas. She tree shopping the other night. And she's going up and down the aisles at home and she's singing singing Christmas carols and she's going dad. I love this. I'm never gotten to do this. I didn't know all this stuff existed. So it's it's been a joy way for us to to to be a part of it and she's she's an amazing young lady They asked her in an interview yesterday. You know what's your future hold. And we have told her one thing she doesn't have to be in a hurry. Ready to figure it out. She was very sick. Jamie's five seven in the day. I met her She weighed ninety. Eight pounds And you could see the scars all over her from the abuse years and years and years so took her to the emergency room The the doctor came back back twenty minutes later and said she's not going anywhere and he says he might get ready for the long haul and I said what are we looking at and he said it could be months. She had pneumonia double pneumonia. She had mercer inner lungs. She had an infected hartwall and she had full vomits so we didn't know whether she was going to make it or not But we we weren't gonNA deserter and Lo and behold is only. God can do less than two weeks later. Her team of doctors. This comes walking in the room and they said we don't know how you got here but you're going home. And she looked dead off at them and she he said I know how I got here. I said I am loved by the greatest doctor that there ever was because Andy my wife life had the joy and privilege of leading to Christ there in that hospital bed on the day. She looked at her with tears in her eyes and said I'm scared and my wife said why she says I'm afraid of dying and she said you're not gonNA die. Why would you be? She said well if I do. I won't go to heaven even in my wife look better and said we can take care of that and led her to Christ. I'd been out in the hallway returning returning phone calls and when I came back in. They're both sitting there in the hospital. Bed Tears in their eyes. And I'm going but they had these smiles on their face and I said what's what's going on and my wife Danner said you WanNa tell him and she goes dad. I just got saved and later on I had the joint privilege of being able to baptize her But she's now her. Aides is non transmittable and undetectable. She weighs one hundred and fifty pounds and she's just just an amazing young lady and to to know where I know she has been for her to be able to even function in normal society as well as she has is nothing short of a miracle. Well well well I appreciate you coming on to talk with us and sharing all of these all the things that we talked about. I feel like and somebody listening right. Now everybody listening can have a takeaway. They can't all be a Mike. They can't all be a u but I can different but we can all make a difference in. Yeah now this starfish Bahrain in my head of like that one person the one on one. But you're one on one doesn't have to be deep dive into everything and trying to be but if you feel called to do that I would encourage you to listen to that. If you feel the little whispers like listen to that but but if not the smiling the waving the acknowledging that is felt like that's my biggest biggest takeaway I learned a lot talking with you But a big big takeaway is the acknowledgement and how huge valuable that is to somebody eighty. Yes I'm because who wants to feel invisible and if anybody out there that that this has maybe maybe awaken something in them. They can always reach out to our website at and I'll be more than happy to talk to him. I'll be more than happy to give the mini guidance. That they they may the. Yeah and that's home. St Home T. N.. For Tennessee Home Street hometeam dot org and a lot of you listening. Don't live Kevin Tennessee but Reach out in your community try to figure out different organizations you can partner up with or work with. Because there's there's a stephen not exactly this stephen but there's hopefully likely a stephen in a community that You know has the wisdom to lead you in the right direction if you want to truly serve and servant in the right way And and there's so many great organizations throughout and what would you say quickly before we go now. I just had this question like I've always heard homeless people Like socks and eggs boiled eggs hard boiled eggs. Is that true it it it me personally. I'm not a big harbaugh. aww Guy but you know it. They do I tell people socks but I come with the caveat on everything I say having lived. Live it yeah okay and I appreciate that I would rather you spend three or four dollars on one good pair of socks preferably will then to spend six dollars ten pair because what you have to understand is the doing laundry does yeah. Those ten pair are not gonNA last. They might wear them socks every day. Twenty four seven for months so they have to a hold up and Foot problems are huge within the homeless community. Obviously So a good pair of socks can eliminate a lot of those problems so invest in one good pair and really change one homeless person versus investing in ten not so good pair and giving ten homeless people just just a moment Yeah I like that. Thank you for that advice because yeah I feel like a lot of times we WANNA just like. Oh I'M GONNA run run to Walmart or target and buy this big impact and pass them out but the wisdom we just gained right now is go get a smart wool. One Nice pair or doesn't have to be I'm just throwing out. A brand doesn't brand but a nice wool sock one pair and give it to one person. Okay all right Steven will thank you for coming by for having me. I enjoyed getting to know you and more about your story and If others want to know more again they can help Home Sweet home is where you can find Stephen in Nashville but If you don't have facebook the F. Facebook instagram facebook. Stephen and his wife got back together. Social media sometimes can be a real Downer but it also can can do really on some things never Life hours pretty. It was pretty beautiful back little excited. Because kick.

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