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That'd be better especially when you have the complement of running backs. I think the rams will have without. I have fifty percent early. We're just having call. You have to change your name to something with an Algorithm Larry. We're not. We're not doing doing this. I I agree to some say. Oh well defensively. I would've loved for them to grab a middle linebacker definitely Greg. I thought that will be something that they would do. But you're teams are GonNa wait 'til after today so after today you can now sign free agents and it won't go against you in terms of your compensatory picked. Right because the Rams Lawson you know Don Dante Fowler in free agency so they'll probably get a pig back so today when you sign players after four PM Eastern one PM Pacific then. They won't count against the compensatory. Pick things so you can go out and get a veteran guy that can fit in. There's will so we're we're worried about the draft and I keep telling people George Greg telling people. I'm just not so sure how. This season rookies will have a substantial impact on teams right. No offseason program with no off season work. Ota's minicamps you're going to have a bunch of young players coming in trying to learn the offense or defense literally in a matter of weeks. I think this is going to be the year of the veterans. And if you don't believe me a look yesterday at what the New Orleans Saints did in picking up Jameis Winston to backup a drew brees. You're starting to see that teams realize that even the forty niners kidding. Trent Williams trae. They're getting young. I mean older veteran players who can help you right away instead of maybe somebody's younger players to make an impact. Let's go to the phones before I move onto the raiders. I want to get your thoughts on the raiders team. You played for John. Inventory wants to back Greg Up. He wants to give Greg A wwl. Go ahead John. Yeah all the reason why I want to do. That is because of coach for a number of years and when it comes to your graphics. I think they're going to get your best players in your top ten after that pretty much. Everybody bounces out. So when you're picking after that you WANNA fill spots you feel you need and then you're looking for the guys that are eligible people that you can't teach be better. I mean best example. Tom Brady wind up being the best one of climbing John John. That's a terrible example. The six round quarterbacks become the greatest of all time that's only happened once in the history of the sport if it was that easy tease to do it all the time I give you that but you want to feel your knee. Okay that we'll we'll we'll address. Let's address that okay. John we'll address. I don't agree with that. But thank you for the call. What was the what was the major need if we all before Thursday started or for the rams case before Friday started if we said the ramp. What is the rams biggest need? If you only had one pick in his draft you could draft one player. What with the rams draft running back that would have been running back. Okay got right away so after that you just Kinda go with the best player on your board. Sometimes you upgrade other positions. You don't have to always draft knee. That's what gets people in trouble. We got to draft a neat. Well what if there's a player on our board? Who's actually than another player in a certain area and we can upgrade at that position. I'll probably do that instead. Yeah I agree with you. I go best player available. I figure out the talent situation first and then find a place to put the Laura you wanted to weigh in on John. Ventura trying to back Greg Up. Yeah he was horrible. I was like damn. He didn't help you out at Greg Shining at your bag. It didn't work out so well. I wished today that I had that I was at the studio and I had access to the soundboard. I KISS UP KISS UP. Sounds because that's all Laura does if it's whatever. Oh George absolutely big kissing up sounds when I get back to the studio. I'm going to destroy Laura with this being. Wait till he's over to. I've got in your back. Remember the one time you assured she had you on the sweatpants out there. What Kirk before. We move onto the raiders. Are you okay wearing sweatpants to the grocery store yeah? I'll do it all the time. Thank you thank you thank you know. They're not interested in that with this heat wave though now no not now but a couple of weeks ago at the beginning of quarantine. Sweatpants Kirk. Yeah no no no. No no not during quarantine. This is all a tree corn. Anytime wouldn't go to the grocery store. Thank you thank you very much. So anyway The raiders what did you make of their draft why I thought the first round pick the first one twelve thought. That was a great pick. I didn't believe that Henry Rugs was going to be available for them at twelve. I had him going to the jets With you know for Sam Darnold but they went with Beck and they pick the tackle to help out their young quarterback with rugs available. I said this is who JON GRUDEN WANNA. And this is a a raiders. Pick right a four to seven. Forty one of the fast guys in this draft. Yes that was the great pick for them now. The only now the other pick pick nineteen. That's the one I scratch my head a little bit on Damodar Net. He'll be twenty four when the season starts you talked about Van Jefferson being a little older receiver. Arnett is going to be an older defensive back and I got a little heat about this on twitter this weekend older people but this is just. Kinda my opinion George but is sometimes feast or famine right. It's risk versus the war when you draft Ohio state cornerback. Because when I look at all apple right remember he Li- Apple. You could win Gary and Conley will die who was drafted high. Who's already on his second team in a short span? Not all how state cornerbacks are going to be Denzel Ward or even Marshon Lattimore. Right you know they can also be the other to like. We mentioned he. Li- APP or Gary in Cali. Are these defensive Bax benefeciaries of who the boasts the chase. Young's of the world right by those defensive. Lineman have helped out those quarterbacks. So that's why it's always for me just a little buyer. Beware on that but outside of that. I thought the raiders had outstanding draft. They've got their some of their needs. definitely met and I guess they have this pipeline between Clemson University in the raiders so now five players in the last two years from Clemson drafted by Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden. They love them. Some clemson Cleveland fail. Man You WanNa go you WanNa what is it. What was it that he said? He goes to a program to program when coaches all video. Yeah but the raiders had a good draft. Though they did they stuck to what they had to. And like I said the rugs pick is just outstanding. They needed somebody who can stretch the field we knew about last year. The Antonio Brown thing didn't work. Yeah so rooks comes in Hungary's ready to roll. He'll give them. I think that top top end speed. The raiders went out and got another piglet. Lynn Bowden junior running back quarterback wide receiver man. He's going to be a gadget. Guy For the raiders. So it's interesting. Draft for the raiders. Because they got a lot of talent and I think it's only only help them this season. I we're up against a Gimme a letter. Grade of Kirk Morrison's teaching skills right now at the Morrison School of Higher Education. Just a letter wall right. Now I'm on about A. B. Okay Fair working on my patience right right well thank you so much for stopping by. Kirk always appreciated. It sounds good always a pleasure. Thanks TO KURT. Thanks to me. Thanks to Lauren. Greg and you guys tuning in calling him. We love you. We'll talk to you tomorrow at ten..

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