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And this is something that both I think, uh Mr appeared. And, of course, Prime Minister Bennett feel that they have to do I'm sure that you know there are focuses her and, uh, this new government coalition feels that Israel but make sure that the bipartisan understanding of the state of Israel continues to be a strong as it used to be in the history and bring everybody back on board to support Israel's focus and its needs in the Middle East. And as you did say, We are the ones who live in the Middle East and have to deal with some of these neighbors who are definitely not very friendly neighbors. And so yes, we do have a major problem on our hands. But it's not something that has changed that That problem continues to exist. And I think that the new coalition government understands this exceedingly well and you know, President Biden spoke to Prime Minister Bennett and the secretary of state. Blinken spoke to, uh, our foreign minister, Mr Lapid, and I think that we will be seeing. Um uh Both high level Israeli delegations in Washington, and most probably high level American delegations in Israel and not too distant future. I mean, This is something that we have always seen. I think we're going to continue to see it. We are a steadfast ally of the United States, and I think we will continue to be. And this is, uh something. That has nothing to do with whichever government is in Jerusalem or whichever government is in Washington. Well, well, well said. And and and I again I realized that as the diplomat, you represent your government, and it just seems to me that, um, the prime minister was an It was an extraordinary speech yesterday. So I did want you to respond to a couple of those those comments, But what I'd like to do is Get our call is involved and also get a sense of, um how much we talked when American presidents are elected. They get a honeymoon period in this country where for the most part, Not always. But for the most part, everybody says, Well, let's see how good a job they can do. Will this be a typical transition of power in a traditional honeymoon period in Israel? Or does Israel have that honeymoon period? Because obviously, elections can be called at any given moment. There's no that is correct, then elections can be called if the government doesn't pass. Uh No confidence vote, but it is a Democrat democracy and we saw yesterday Benjamin Netanyahu get up off the seat that he has been sitting on for some 12 years of Israel's prime minister through the different governments and walk To the seat of the leader of the opposition and sit down in it and the leader of the opposition who was until yesterday, Lapid walked over to the table of the government, which sits in the middle, and he sat down with the government stable. So yes, this is democracy at work. Israel is the great democracy. Israel is a very special democracy, and I will continue to say the only democracy in the Middle East. And I think that this just goes to show both the makeup of the government and the fact that this is something that is possible. And this is what happens in all democracy, So yes, it is slightly different. And there are not six times that, of course, the government supposedly, uh, if there are if it doesn't fall can continue until, uh 2025. But we'll have to see how things how things progress, of course, but I definitely think that what we have here is a wonderful festival of democracy. Whereby people from different parties different focuses of getting together and trying to start a fresh and get things moving. Yes, well, well said. Of course, we need to remember that in the 73 year history of the state of Israel, there have been many transitions of power from one point of view to another. So this is not the first. Uh, who is the he benefits the Israel 13th Prime Minister and there have been 36 governments. So So? Yes. You have had a lot of changes in the period. Absolutely. We're going to we're going to take a break. A little news at the bottom of the hour. 617254 10 30 Triple 8929 10 30. My guest is Israeli Ambassador Ron Rubin. Um he is a Israeli diplomat of longstanding has served as an ambassador to several countries, particularly in South America over the world, recently has been appointed. The the consul general here to New England. Israel's consul general to New England. Um we are fortunate to have him with us fortunate and an opportunity for you to ask a question of someone who probably knows The Middle East as well as anybody that I could have invited to come on the show tonight, and I'm so happy that he has joined us tonight, and I hope some of you will join with either comments or questions. I think this is a time to continue support of Israel, irrespective of who happens to be the prime minister at any given moment. 617254 10 30, Triple eight. 9 to 9 10 30. The ladies line is 617931 10 30. It's nightside with Dan Ray. Hey, Chin WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio. Nothing sounds quite like a dad's dead lobes.

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