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Back at the stadium, where the Yanks take the first of the four game series against the Philadelphia Phillies final score. Of 6 to 3. Let's go to the totals for the winning Yankees six runs eight hits. Neuer's The Yanks left three. You're winning pitcher tonight is Garrett Cole, who is now three and, oh, in this young season, the 60 games sprint. Even though we haven't really seen them, and he'll tell you himself. We haven't seen the best of coal yet, but he is undefeated at the three No. The fourth save of the season for Zach Britton. For the losing Philadelphia Phillies three runs eight hits, no errors, They left seven. The loser is Jake area of the veteran Now, with a record of O and one on an E R A of 5.40 for Jake Perry, ed up. Time of the game was three hours right on the nose. But we did have a one hour and seven minutes rain delay here at Yankee Stadium and we are expecting obviously Muchmore rain. With the tropical storm Hurricane. Whatever the category is when it finally arrives in the metropolitan area sometime in the overnight period, and throughout the day and night tomorrow. And for that reason, tomorrow night's game has already been postponed. So we will be back with you on Wednesday afternoon from Citizens Bank Park. In Philadelphia. Let me tell you that Aaron Judge's home run Street came to a halt tonight. He did not hit a home run always although he had a couple of hits about the judge, family of interstate batteries. Has 99 reasons that judge where's 99 99 reasons why interstate batteries are the best reason. Number one. Interstate is your battery for all of your auto, marine and household needs. So the air and judge a home run counter the judge family of interstate batteries. I happen to have one in my own car myself. So Wednesday afternoon. We will have a straight double header from Citizens Bank Park Now in Game one, The Yankees will be considered the home team because it'll be the makeup game of tomorrow that were raining out here in the Bronx. We'll play that one of citizens Bank Park at 405 where of Yankee pregame at 3 25 Now, Uh, the pictures are Aaron Nolan for the Philadelphia Phillies eases the two pictures that were scheduled for tomorrow night's game, So we're going to assume that game one Will have the same matchup. Sometimes they may take the first games picture and put him in the second game or vice versa. But Ah and Sweeney will have much more on the pre on the post game here coming up. But the match up for tomorrow night was Erin Nolo for Philadelphia and Jay Happ, making his second start for the Yanks. Both pictures with a record of zero and zero, though half already hasn't outing Nola does also, but actually, no, it does have a record is the Zone one so no on one against happy and we shall see and hopefully, sweetie, we'll have more on the pitching matchup for Game two. On Wednesday at Citizens Bank Park. It's a straight doubleheader so about 35 40 minutes in between games, but it all gets started at 405 on Wednesday afternoon from Citizens Bank Park, the Yanks And the Philadelphia Phillies in a doubleheader AHS Games two and three of this four game Siri's but once again tonight here, the final score from Yankee Stadium. As the Yanks when their seventh in a row, the Yankees six on the Phillies three.

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