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Being told that you could make any immediate oprah winfrey low wealthy have off scot regardless of kabul have a far better chance of overcoming whatever unfair this happens to them then people that are not wealthy this man giving spray painted on his flood door did he never saw his staff cleaned up infant inconvenience if not the lobbing is not in writing gordon is he reach out and said you know what this was terrible whoever these individuals were it was stillbirth put the people did really are impacted by this are the poor people about what a what raise discovered why now now if i repeat of fateh ethnic with door olympic here on gaping with locks peak pain not only vandalism not only good a terrible inconvenience it's also fetching yes lebron james is rich in someone's repacement in word on his mansion that breakthrough the you know what let me shut up i told you all that i'm not engaging with your can woodlock until you lose georgia pounds but that doesn't mean i can't use my platform the let other people engage with him because we can't let that kind of rhetoric fit out there because it's people out there we don't know any better we'll believe the knock if that comes out of jail and what locks mouse do i have my old you on the phone someone who was way more smarter your meet come what i love to hear from mr michael moore guy dyson good morning how are you sir i'm doing fine thank you uh you know i lived in the gave the whittling like i mean you all the brilliant then insightful and you were equally capable of i am a responding but let me bear the burden this morning uh jason wilcox argument uh tries to pin racism on a victim not its perpetrator so that if a not the knee are a given here are a white supremacist uh or a ku klux klan member happens to burn the house of a person making what then fourteen thousand valid for five people a year the mr whitworth the jeff fetch racism but at the person happens to make more than two three four five six ten million a year the the and parents of the ku klux klan or if nullified.

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