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I'm a bad thing has to do with guns goes bang or maybe even twain certainly if it goes clang you like shooting steel eight six six talk guns if you want to join us if there's a gun you wanna tell me about that you bought are something that you've been taking out to the range or maybe the stories about him biting somebody to go shooting with you we do of those as well again eight six six talk gun in Israel Pleasure to talk you know there are a lot of different aspects to shooting and of course got the self defense side of it we have the second side of it we've got that cool guns and gear stuff but why does it get I don't think doesn't get as much attention as it should is international shooting Olympics come to mind of course but there's a whole lot more than that and join me right now to talk about that and so much more is by Bob Gambardella he is the CEO of USA shooting. Bob Thank you for joining us good afternoon how are you I am great I guess first of all let's do this when somebody says really USA shooting what is that how do you explain it to them while we're basically a national the governing body of International Olympic Sport and where one of the forty nine MGB's as they call it under the purview of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Midi and basically it's our role really prepare athletes for world and Olympic competition so you are the United States arm of the Olympic style shooting the Olympics as a as far as getting the athletes ready you know getting them out for in there is an I've called it before this Byzantine system of getting slots for the Olympics and our athletes have to go out and shoot in these World Cup matches around world that a lot of people don't even know exist yes that's correct actually we have as we speak we have two of our teams are shotgun actually at the final World Cup final and we did rather well we have Kim coming home with three medals gold silver and bronze and in our world are para team is at the World Championships in Sydney Australia and received three more quotas for the Paralympic Games so things are shaping up real well for the Olympic Games in Tokyo we have twenty quotas spots security at this moment and now we're going through kind of the selection by name of our athletes for Tokyo so yeah it's sort of quite a process and then it takes a long time to get through all these selection judge it does so I have to win the slots quota slots and then you the selection of the individual shooters the athletes who are going to be going obviously one of the big stories coming up is Kim Rhody he's already won six medals at six different Olympic Games. What are the chances that she goes okay well you can never count came out and you know you put her in this situation and she'll find a way to win so we're very confident you know has a great chance as Vincent Vincent Hancock and others who are in this mix right now right exactly all right I just saw I don't know if you even want to talk about this but you saw this release it's very interesting? USA Shooting in Hillsdale College doing this new partnership what is that about this is being involved in Olympic sport all my life I've been involved would USA VOLLEYBALL USA Taekwondo I worked at the US Olympic Committee and I've I've seen a whole bunch of different things but I'm telling you this is something that is very exciting for us to create a partnership with a with a like minded organizations such as Hillsdale we were up there about two weeks ago we brought a thirteen of our contingent both athletes and staff and really had a great time in terms of being able to get out on the range shoot with their their leadership their trustees and their donors and our team which included Kim and Vinnie Hancock and others and we just had a great time I really mending together so we think it's as I say I think it's a marriage-made-in-heaven college H- for those who don't know has already has a shooting program to have of course I've not been there you've been there as described to me as world-class shooting facility already existence there they are they are moving very aggressively when we got to that range where they're currently at it was just incredible to see the the the different the infrastructure they have already put out in their current range and then what are the proposed in improvements so we think as a kind of a partner with them mm as we move down next couple years we think that we could bring World Cup competitions to hill especially I think in I foremost shotgun and they have a grand plan in terms of pistol and rifle centers also so I think within time as they continue to to get the donations that they're looking for we see ourselves as being they're using and and you know hand in hand with them their facilities in partnering with them just a great it's just a great infrastructure altogether and it has everything that we would need to be able to run a world class well cup or whatever chase me wow in fact I love that it's shooting program at a university because to me warden warms my heart that whole thing so that is terrific. ESPN question here if you have a young shooter very young shooter or even parents who said you know my son and my daughter really likes shooting and I wonder if there's a pathway I mean very idea of going to the Olympics how would a youngster in could be even like preteen but certainly young teams start on that path well you know first and foremost AH FOR US here at the USA Shooting Center here in Colorado Springs we have a very robust junior club that is run by Chris Crab who's one of the the specialty sport shops in town and we work very closely with them and they have just a good group of of instructors young kids that they can get into the into the pipeline and little funny story I'll answer your question really quick but we had the NSF here in June and about a hundred and eighty people from the industry and they brought him over for Olympic experience in this great to see this little young kids teaching these guys are in the industry how to shoot a pistol was amazing you know these things we live for but anyway I think as I mentioned I think it's junior clubs and then how we then start to make connection wins and how do we didn't give those kids those young aspiring athletes you know more opportunities through junior Olympics you know so and so forth one of the things that worked we're cognizant of not only in shooting but I think in Olympic sport is we got to create you know was we say the pipeline is the lifeline so we have to have really robust program I'm S- throughout an athlete's development and so in part we see working with Hillsdale a great mechanism to create a seamless pipeline of opportunities for kids nationwide excellent all right let's fast forward to the Tokyo Olympics obviously the Olympics get great television coverage in the US the coverage of the shooting sports which is actually people have no idea it is a very large part it's one of the major events in the Olympics but you wouldn't know that from the coverage here yeah I think and and that goes for some other sports also but you always see the swimming we always see the the track and field and and what happened in some at some point they cut off into other sports it's an amazing spectacle and I think that I know there are leadership in SF the one of gentlemen bought Mitchell who used to be the CEO at USA shooting many years ago working towards that end trying to how we can create that backdrop that's really going to be appealing to get it get it more TV time and Bob In the Group at the ISF have been looking at lots of changes there's one of which is you know uniforms you know in terms like rifle shoot is we all have kind of each country has the same color and it's really a little bit more professionalized look you know in terms more of a twenty first century model so I know that working on that and we're looking forward to see what what would come up it may not what happened for Tokyo but I think that there's a lot of good plans in the in the works for you know Paris and of course La In twenty twenty eight which is really Kinda the hallmark for us as we continue to look towards the and obviously I know you know this but with television convert coverage comes awareness in with awareness you get more youngsters entering the pipeline so once again go back to feeding this pipeline yes Yay it's it is it is incredible and I think that you know like take for instance in addition to our youth program that we have here we believe it or not Tom We have of course we're on the Olympic training center rounds we have over hundred thousand people coming through our doors visitors each year and so we're trying to now take that and tell a story and this is where ourselves and Hillsdale we had some talk about what is the story that we can tell not only about the sport but you know precision safety you know so on and so forth but also then to the Second Amendment and I think we really have a lot of great stories that we can tell the hundred thousand people that come through our doors a year offers along with the Olympic pistol shooters it was a total clash of cultures but boy everybody had a good time they sure did it's great family and I you know I I use shotgun one example down there we have about one hundred and five acres of land that we lease from Fort Carson Great Facility we had junior Olympics this summer senior Olympic junior Olympic Nationals everybody came together as one family it was heartwarming to see that you know we all share something like but it's it's incredible we take we take we took that to the that same concept of when we're at the Panama Panamerican Games in Lima Peru and we were under one tent several other countries and all of our three disciplines of shotgun rifle pistol with together as one team to me that was more Portent winning the twenty medals that we one in Lima it was fantastic so we have a lot of great things going on yeah just Fab- is Bob thank you so much for sharing this Abra keep us posted on the developments of what's going on because it's an important story I love what we have some great shooters we have some great athletes and successes the in the in this country where all ready to go and Hillsdale is there with shoulder to shoulder terrific thank you so much appreciate Jerry Why you signed up and find out more you bet at USA shooting Dot Org all right now we.

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